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For heavy duty removals and storage

These packing boxes are available in either single or double wall board to suit your needs. Use these double wall boxes for heavier duty applications or for very fragile items. Ideal for stacking, transportation and storage. Handling messages are printed on two sides of the removal box reading "HANDLE WITH CARE" and "THIS WAY UP".

Secure and easy to use removal boxes are comfortable to carry with cut-out hand slots on both ends. Handy write on panels help with contents identification and can be used to provide directional messages. For lighter loads view our single wall removal boxes. Manufactured from corrugated board. Delivered flat packed.Sold in packs, priced per box.

Quantity Available in packs of 10 boxes. See our discounts for 100 or more boxes.

Size and shape options These double-wall removal boxes are available in four sizes, see the price table for details.

Weights and limits These removal boxes are ideal for heavier duty applications.

Materials Manufactured from double wall rigid flute corrugated board.

Environmental information RAJA cardboard boxes are 100% recyclable and corrugated cardboard has the highest recycling rates of any packaging in the UK. On average our boxes are made from 75% recycled fibres.

Delivery information Delivered flat-packed in packs of 10.





Customer reviews

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  • Good sturdy boxes, easy to assemble.

    By Sarah 01/10/20 12:54 Verified Purchase by  Trustpilot

    Reference : RRB25UK - RAJA double wall removal boxes

  • Decent quality box, definitely does have handles on my delivery of 60 x 40 x 40 (previous reviewer experienced missing handles). These comments are basically first impressions as they're in first use after recently taking delivery. There are double wall boxes and then there are double wall boxes, I'd say these are somewhere in the middle, I've seen much tougher, and likewise I've seen much weaker so then it's a question of value for money, certainly if you're buying a couple of hundred or more these are pretty decent value. The jury is out on how this box will work for longer term storage with plenty of movement in a stock room and whether they are really heavy duty as described. In particular I'm not sure the handles will take the punishment of regular pull and push though if we were determined enough we could strengthen them. That said we've got 20kg in these boxes and at least initially they're taking the strain and stack well. They're not so solid that the walls won't expand with overfill but properly taped the floor of the box is pretty good.

    By Andrew 22/08/19 06:45 Verified Purchase by  Trustpilot

    Reference : RRB35UK - RAJA double wall removal boxes

  • Products are great but be aware they don't come with pre cut hand holds due to a 'known error'.

    By Payge 03/07/19 11:10 Verified Purchase by  Trustpilot

    Reference : RRB30UK - RAJA double wall removal boxes

  • Boxes seem to be strong enough to do the job I need them to do! Only time will tell concerning their longevity!

    By John 20/06/18 11:01 Verified Purchase by  Trustpilot

    Reference : RRB25UK - RAJA double wall removal boxes

  • Well made from good materials - couldn't have hoped for better.

    By Mark 08/01/18 09:50 Verified Purchase by  Trustpilot

    Reference : RRB25UK - RAJA double wall removal boxes