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Send products safely in 100% recycled black plastic mailing bags

Dispatch soft goods or larger products to customers easily. These black plastic mailing bags are made from 100% recycled materials and are fully recyclable. That makes them perfect for e-commerce businesses who are looking for more eco-friendly options. Plus, these opaque black mailing bags offer maximum confidentiality as vision of the contents are completely obscured. That makes them perfect for sending sensitive products to customers.

Protect products from the elements with these plastic mailing bags. Designed to be tearproof as well as waterproof, your items will maintain the high level of quality you and your customers expect. These features expand to the numerous sizes available. That means items from small textiles to larger coats will benefit from the same level of protection. Manufactured from 45-60 micro LDPE (low density polythene), these black mailing bags are ideal for sending almost any lighter duty item through the post. Lightweight and resilient, you can easily attach address and packaging labels to the mailing bag surface. And with the strong self-seal adhesive peel strip closure, you can further reduce packaging times when you need to send items during peak periods.

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