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Roll Containers & Cages

Move stock easily with roll containers and cage trolleys

Roll containers and cage trolleys are key tools for storing and moving goods during loading, distribution, or stocking shelves. These versatile solutions are ideal for transporting bulky items and optimizing warehouse space.

Our roll containers are designed for space-saving, as they can be nested together when not in use. For securing valuable stock, our secure nestable roll containers feature a sturdy 50x50mm wire mesh infill and lockable doors.

In settings where hygiene is critical, like hospitals and laundries, our plastic base roll containers with durable injection-molded plastic bottoms are a hygienic choice. Additionally, our demountable roll containers fold down completely, making them ideal for transportation after delivery.

If you have specific container or cage needs, our experts are ready to assist. Contact us at 0800 542 44 28 for personalized handling advice and recommendations. At RAJA, we're dedicated to helping you improve your operations with our roll containers and cage trolleys.

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