Monthly Archives: July 2014

How to Package Electronics

Following on from our packaging overview last month, we have had a detailed look at the precautions that should be taken when packaging electronic items and components. Every year the online retail industry is growing, and not just for big name online stores. EBay, Amazon and other online marketplaces mean that consumer to consumer selling is also on the rise.

Electrical goods packaging

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Recycling Paper: The Facts

The state of the environment is now a major concern for all governments, industries Paper recyclingand companies. It’s constantly in the news and there’s a general acceptance about the great benefits of more sustainable ways of life. Recycling is a big part of this and is now practiced on a very large scale, with many homes and offices now having their own recycling bins and collection services.

But recycling the odd envelope or doodled scrap of paper can sometimes feel like it won’t make much of a difference, and you often wonder what even happens to the paper once it’s shipped off to the recycling centres.

To follow on from our latest look at reusing cardboard, we’ve decided to lay down a few facts about paper recycling to help motivate you to get all the bits of paper you have laying around shipped off for recycling.

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