How to Package Electronics

2 min read22 July 2014

Following on from our packaging overview last month, we have had a detailed look at the precautions that should be taken when packaging electronic items and components. Every year the online retail industry is growing, and not just for big name online stores. EBay, Amazon and other online marketplaces mean that consumer to consumer selling is also on the rise.

Electrical goods packaging

There are several factors to consider when packaging electronics for transport. They are usually items of value, would generally be considered fragile, and can be susceptible to static damage. Below is an outline of the steps you should be taking to make sure they get to their destination in one piece, and still working!

  • Begin by taking any antistatic precautions required. This will mainly be necessary for individual components. Antistatic bags or foam prevent electrical charge building up as components move about in transit – Such a charge could damage circuitry.
  • Wrap the item you are transporting in bubble wrap. Use two layers if it is a particularly heavy item.
  • If the item you are packing is potentially scratch prone a layer of foam around it, prior to the bubble wrap will provide adequate protection from scratches. Alternatively a bubble blanket can do the job of both.

Phone packaging

  • Use a box that is only a little bit bigger than the item you are transporting. If the box is too large there will be wasted space and unnecessary amounts of void fill will be required.
  • Fill the box with void fill to 1/3 full.

Electronics packaging

  • Place the item you are wishing to transport in the box. Fill the gaps around the sides and cover the item with void fill.
  • Close the box and use strong tape along any open edges.

Sealed box

  • For transporting fragile goods it is often wise to double box. Find a box marginally bigger than your first (1 to 2 inch gap around each edge) and fill the bottom with a thin layer of void fill.
  • Place you first box into the second and fill the surround gaps and cover with void fill. Securely tape the second box shut around all open edges like before.

Double boxing

  • Clearly label the box as fragile to avoid any mistreatment in transit and you are ready to go!

Sealed fragile box

Following the above steps should help make sure your electronic goods get to their destination in top condition. Keeping your customers happy, and boosting your seller rating in online auction sites.


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