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Personal touches with gift wrapping paper and accessories

Adding personal touches with gift wrapping paper and accessories is great for personal gift giving and is an excellent additional service to offer as a merchant or retailer – especially in the ecommerce era we find ourselves in.

With Christmas coming, we take a look at the range of wrapping paper and bags available, the colours, the textures and the finishes, as well as looking at the roller machines that can make it easier to do neatly and professionally and how to finish it all off with a ribbon.

Personal touches with gift wrapping paper and accessories

Gift wrap done properly can make all gifts look good, not just at Christmas

Personal touches with gift wrapping paper and accessories are what make Christmas – and all other gift-giving occasions – special. Gift wrapping makes giving presents and gifts exciting and special, but adding that personal touch with a right wrapping paper can really make it extra special.

For personal gift giving, getting the wrapping right makes for a lovely gifting experience, but for many ecommerce businesses, being able to offer professional and inspired gift wrapping as an add-on service is an excellent way to increase sales and revenues.

Whether you are wrapping it for business or for personal use, having the right gift wrapping paper, with the right accessories, such as bows, ribbons and gift bags makes all the difference – and with the right gift wrapping and accessories, you can let your creative side really fly to make gifts look great.

Patterned gift wrap is a good place to start, either appropriate to the occasions or just that looks nice. Mixing it up or using dual coloured wrap can also make for an individual and unique wrap. Tie it off with the right ribbons and bows and you have transformed an ordinary present into a work of art.

For events such as baby showers and christenings, along with wrapping hampers – where the goods themselves are a feast for the eyes – clear wrapping is ideal. There are even many ways to make your presents look beautiful and save the planet, with extensive ranges of eco-friendly gift wrapping.

In short, there are myriad ways to wrap and many things to wrap with – but how do you make that work on a practical basis? Here are some tips and tricks.

Is a gift wrap paper roll holder necessary?

A gift wrap paper holder is necessary if you want to make your gift wrapping look professional with ease. Gift wrapping paper roll holders hold the gift wrapping paper rolls on a roller that allows for smooth, even and straight dispensing out of the paper. The devices also feature a cutting edge against which premium quality gift wrap paper can be neatly torn.

These machines are ideal for giving a professional finish to wrapping and, for those that need to do a lot of wrapping – either for a large group of family and friends or as part of a gift wrapping or ecommerce business – these holders make it much faster and easier to handle in bulk.

Counter roll holders: give a neat finish for gifts and flowers

Counter roll holders are made with sturdy white enamelled die-cast chassis and satin finish aluminium rails, these rollers also have strong rubber feet that help stabilise the unit. They also feature a serrated blade to cut through wrap, Kraft paper and even transparent film wrap.

These wrap holders are ideal for gift wrapping, as well as being very well suited to floristry too, allowing for the right amount of wrap for varying sized bunches of flowers to be dispensed and torn neatly off as desired.

Showing you care with eco-friendly gift wrapping

Eco-friendly wrapping with tissue, coloured Kraft paper, Kraft paper boxes and bags

Showing you care with eco-friendly gift wrapping adds to the charm of having a nicely wrapped gift. Making this happen is  made all the easier with the growing range of recyclable gift wrap and eco gift wrap available. Coloured tissue, recyclable – and recycled – Kraft paper wrap, as well as coloured Kraft paper gift boxes, bags and pouches are all excellent plastic-free gift wrapping options that can deliver the wrapping ‘wow factor’ and keep your eco-friendly credentials intact.

Coloured tissue is a great ‘green’ gift wrapping option

Coloured tissue is luxurious and eye-catching and adds to the overall feel of quality when wrapping – and it is easy to recycle, even when coloured. Coloured, crinkle-cut shredded paper can also be used to protect products, as well as giving them that professional and elegant feel, adding to the whole wrapping experience.

Coloured, crinkle cut shredded paper

Coloured Kraft paper wrap, Kraft paper boxes and bags are also exciting was to present gifts, that can be recycled or even reused. Whether it is plain or patterned, Kraft paper provides a sturdy wrap that exudes the feel of luxury and offers the goods inside some degree of protection too. A win-win-win.

What’s the occasion? Christmas gift wrap and festive flourishes

Whatever the occasion, good wrap makes a gift, but at Christmas it is particularly important. Christmas gift wrap, with a festive flourish, not only makes the presents look like the presents from A Christmas Carol, but from a practical perspective it also protects what’s inside.

Ho! Ho! Ho! Patterned Christmas gift wrap

Glass-fibre reinforced patterned gift wrap is environmentally friendly and convey all that is good and earthy about Christmas; holly, mistletoe, snowflakes, candy canes and bells.

But Christmas gift wrap roll isn’t just about a nice print, the Christmas theme can be carried through with colour, texture and pattern – and accessories such as ribbon, as we shall see.

Silver and gold is also very Christmas-y

Silver and gold Kraft paper wrap is also quite season, as is polka dots. There are also a wide range of patterns – from geometric to spots to bottles to plain – all of which are ideal for any occasions, but which also tap into the celebratory feel of the Christmas season with Christmas gift wrap.

Stella wrapping paper: ideal for Christmas as well

There are also clever things to do with mixing and matching different patterned gift wraps to create all manner of bespoke wrapping experiences.

And if that sounds too complicated, you can create a similar look with cool dual-coloured Kraft paper wrap.

Dual-coloured Kraft paper wrap makes a real impression at any time of year

What’s the occasion? Clear gift wrap for baby and bridal showers

Transparent gift wrap makes any gift look goodOf course, Christmas is but one occasion where good wrapping counts – through the year there are many others. Baby and bridal showers, for instance, also need to be wrapped in quality gift wrapping paper that is appropriate to the gravity of the occasion.

Recycled clear gift wrap – made with 30% recycled material – is clear and shimmery all at once, making it ideal for wrapping gifts for new mums and their babies, brides to be and for adding a touch of glass to hampers and other gifts where seeing what’s inside is a benefit.

Patterned wrapping paper, printed on luxurious and thick Kraft paper in a variety of patterns makes all gifts, whatever the occasion, look really alluring. When wrapped using a counter roll holder, it can look neat and clean and professional.

Finish it off with a gift wrap ribbon

While wrap looks great, it can be finished off really well with gift wrap ribbon. This can help hold the package together – especially if the gift is made up of multiple components – but also can make the whole package look great.

Gift wrap ribbon comes in satin, raffia and metallic

Available in a vast array of colours, as well as in satin, raffia and metallic finishes, gift wrap ribbon sets of any package for any occasion. Teaming the colour with the paper can make for a beautiful package, while using ribbon with a plain Kraft paper wrap can add a touch of simplicity that makes the package look classy and professional.

Want to know more about our wide range of gift wrapping paper?

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Has 2020 changed the meaning of Christmas?

It’s been a crazy rollercoaster of a year. Marked by a global pandemic that has put the planet on hold, 2020 has separated so many of us, while simultaneously bringing others closer together.

There’s no doubt that this year has made many of us reassess what matters most. But where do we stand when it comes to Christmas – has it become irrelevant in the grand scheme of things? Or showcased just how special the festive season truly is?

Last year, in the world that existed before Zoom calls and social distancing, the nation said gifting was still the way to give love. Yet, as our lives have changed and priorities shifted, is there still a place in our hearts for tinsel, trees and gift boxes? We wanted to explore Brits’ buying habits in light of this life-altering year, as well as how people are feeling in the lead up to Christmas. We surveyed 1,000 Brits across the UK, and here’s what we found out.

Has 2020 changed the meaning of Christmas 1

The act of giving still matters…

Of respondents who expressed an opinion, 84% of the nation has agreed that Christmas 2020 will be different for their family and themselves this year. Cities such as Liverpool (94%) and Cardiff (92%) (who have undergone some of the harshest forms of lockdown) reported feeling this the most.

And with the rules around Christmas being so uncertain, it seems there are some traditions that we’re desperate to cling onto. Enter: the giving of gifts. In fact, only 8% of Brits surveyed won’t be doing this, meaning that the majority of the population are still undertaking pressie procuring in some form or other this year.

Has 2020 changed the meaning of Christmas 2

It seems that the physical element of a present matters now, more than ever, too. Compared to last year’s survey, the amount of people who would feel guilty about not sending a physical gift has increased by a margin of 3%, taking it to a total of 21%. Of those that would feel guilty, the two key reasons given were a) because physical gifts feel more thoughtful (44%) and b) because it’s important the recipient has something tangible to unwrap (32%). Could this mean that while the act of giving has always mattered, it means that little bit more this year?

…but how we buy will be different

Has 2020 changed the meaning of Christmas 3

We also found that, understandably, our buying habits are shifting. It comes as no surprise that affordability is the biggest priority for Brits this festive season, with over 39% listing this as a factor they will consider when shopping. A third of the nation (33%) will be tightening the belt straps and spending less than they usually do (females more so than males), which is twice as many people as those spending more than normal.

As well as affordability, there were some other interesting insights as to what factors people will consider. Naturally, with online shopping up by 43% year-on-year at the end of October (according to Capgemini’s Online Retail Index), this looks set to continue into our festive shopping sprees. 34% of the British public said they’ll need to consider being able to shop online or from home this festive season and, perhaps more remarkably, this trend is consistent across all age demographics.

Last year, we were told that 18% of the population had been deterred from choosing a gift based on its environmental impact. This year, the same percentage of people picked eco-consciousness as a key consideration for choosing gifts, though shopping locally is taking higher priority. Thanks to the many commendable campaigns that have fought for the estimated 6 million small businesses (and 16.6m jobs) that are in a financially precarious position this year, over 1 in 5 people (20%) now say that this will be a factor in their gifting choice.

Finally, you may remember that the dawn of lockdown brought a boom in crafts, from masks for frontline workers, to knitted dolls of Captain Sir Tom Moore. In fact, John Lewis reported upticks in haberdashery sales, while the likes of Hobbycraft reported a 200% boom in online sales since lockdown began. It seems that those aged 16-34 are leaning into this revolution even further this festive season, with a whopping 34% saying they’ll want to make their gifts by hand.

Recipients still want something tangible to open…

Has 2020 changed the meaning of Christmas 4

Ultimately, we’re still a sentimental bunch when it comes to having something tangible under the tree to open.

Last year, we asked people if they would prefer either a physical or digital gift (such as an e-card, e-voucher, or e-gift), and found that people preferred physical gifts by a margin of 29%. This year, it has ever so slightly increased, perhaps as our yearning for ‘normality’ grows.

Interestingly, for those who said Christmas would be different this year, they preferred a physical gift by a difference of 38% (8% vs. 47%). Yet for those expecting a similar Christmas to normal, the preference for physical gifts was far smaller, with a difference of only 19%.  Again, could this be a sign that for those whose Christmases will be out of the ordinary, a physical gift can act as an anchor amid an uncertain year, and a way to feel closer to our family and friends?

This isn’t to say the younger generation aren’t turning the tables, however. While all ages have a significant preference for physical gifts, younger people who would prefer a digital gift have grown by a margin of 5% this year. In fact, for 16-24-year olds, the difference between their preference for physical gifts vs digital is closing at only 8%, compared with 32% for over 25-54s, and 38% for 55+s! If things were to continue on this trajectory, by 2023, digital gifts might have become the chosen gift for Gen-Zers.

…even if emotions on Christmas are mixed this year

Has 2020 changed the meaning of Christmas 5

While the year has undeniably brought many lows, we have seen some positives from stronger relationships to new innovations and flexible working.  We wanted to know if 2020 has been more negative or positive for Brits personally, compared to recent years. 40% said more negative, 17% said more positive and 35% said about the same. But, what about peoples’ feelings towards the festive season, specifically?

We asked respondents to express any words that come to mind when thinking about the upcoming festive season. Among the words most used by those expecting Christmas to be different this year ranged from ‘family’, ‘lonely’ and ‘depressing’ – while for those expecting it to be the same, it ranged from ‘indifferent’ and ‘awful’, to ‘hope’, ‘together’ and ‘eating’.

One Christmas optimist told us,

“Christmas is the look of joy on the faces of my grandchildren as they open up their presents and it’s exactly what they want. It’s the twinkling lights on the tree, the soppy Christmas films on TV, the hefty lunch. It’s the ‘You shouldn’t of’, ‘Oh, that’s lovely’ and the classic, ‘You know me too well.”

And yet, there’s no ignoring the hardship that this year has brought about for so many. We heard from a lot of people worrying about a whole host of things this year, from loneliness and isolation, to financial pressures.

“Loneliness, anger, depression, feeling like the worldwide community has yet again something to disagree with each other about (C19).”

I just want to treat it like another day. I can’t cope with all the stress it brings due to financial circumstances.”

Can you still spread some festive cheer?

So where do you stand on Christmas this year? If you love giving, and are in a position to contribute towards a smile this Christmas, here are just a few ways we can all help those that may need it most:

Checking in on the elderly people in your community: As we know, the elderly are in the most vulnerable category across a range of factors – and a recent Age UK survey found that those over 65 often feel invisible or ignored. Whether it’s taking the time to write a Christmas card to elders in your building or offering your assistance to someone who can’t do their shopping, do your bit to make sure they’re noticed.

Putting together a gift box: There are many charities that organise shoe box appeals, such as Operation Christmas Child. However, there may also be other organisations local to your area doing a similar thing, on a smaller scale. Look out for neighbourhood Facebook groups or regional charities close to your home that may be looking for gift boxes and presents to put together for those feeling the strain.

Fight for food banks: Use of food banks are at a record high this year, with The Trussell Trust reporting a 61% increase compared to last year. There are many ways we can help, from volunteering our time to fundraising or making regular donations. You can visit The Trussell Trust website to see a list of ways that you may be able to offer something.

While 2020 has brought a lot of uncertainty to our lives, what is certain as we approach the festive season is the importance of family, friends, community, and togetherness. Whether you’re spending the festive season in isolation or with loved ones, try to reach out to those around you. After all, what can be closer to the true meaning of Christmas?