Internet Retailing Expo 2016 Wrap Up

4 min read18 May 2016

We went along to exhibit at the Internet Retailing Expo last month, to showcase some of our latest packaging machines, plus a selection of innovative and eco-friendly packaging products.  Thanks to all those who came and spoke to us, it was great to talk to so many of you about your packaging and how we could help.


The show is centred around everything Internet Retailing and hosts a wide range of companies including software developers, data providers, digital advertising agencies, ecommerce platforms and email providers, with over 200 companies exhibiting.

This year the packaging industry was out in force, showing the benefits of properly packed products to the ecommerce sector.  With over 10 packaging suppliers at the Expo, we had a lot of competition but stood out from the crowd with a stand design that demonstrated how we can help e-commerce businesses of all sectors with clear packaging solutions.

New developments in logistics & delivery

It was clear from the show that ecommerce is maturing as a business sector, with operations, logistics and delivery suppliers on the agenda to improve operations and costs for e-businesses attending the show.   Many exhibitors delivering services and platforms in this area were not present 2 years ago.

Third party logistics and delivery platforms were gaining momentum, offering solutions to pick and choose courier and shipping options.  Services included optimising carriage costs for the size of the shipment, or shipping to best suit a particular geographic destination for a delivery.

Exhibitors in this field, such as Abby Logistics and Route Genie showed what can now be achieved, with route optimisation and real time delivery being key themes in this area.

Logistics and warehouse optimisation platforms for picking and packing, and storage optimisation were also starting to come to the forefront, such as KNAPP and SNAP FULFIL.

Getting packaging perfect for ecommerce

Many we spoke to felt packaging was becoming much more important to their business than it has been in the past.  As ecommerce markets are getting more competitive, many companies are looking to every avenue they can to maximise their efficiency and customer satisfaction, while keeping costs down.

Ensuring that you’re using the right packaging can help in all of these areas and more, and it was apparent to us that businesses are realising the difference that using the right packaging can make.  It’s why we’ve developed an entire range of ecommerce packaging specifically for ecommerce operations.  Packaging that is suitable for the products you’re sending; cutting down delivery costs, protecting what’s valuable, and reducing the impact on the environment.

Standing out with Custom Packaging

This fierce competition has led many we spoke with to explore custom packaging – how they can enhance their products by adding stand out and instant brand recognition as soon as a parcel is received.

Improvements in technology mean we can now completely tailor packaging, adding branding, straplines and colour schemes to enhance the customer experience, having an impact as soon as the parcel arrives in their hands.


Last year we launched Rajaprint to do just that, offering a range of custom packaging tape and custom bags, giving our customers complete control over their design.

In a crowded ecommerce marketplace this customisation can make a difference, being remembered not just for a great product, but for striking, branded packaging that’s eco-friendly too!

The Latest in Eco-Friendly Technology

Our final focus this year was on packaging machines, and the difference that they can make for small and medium sized business.  It was great to see lots of new technology at the show, and we took along one of our own new machines to demonstrate, the Geami WrapPak System.

The Geami WrapPak System with wrapped packages

This unique little machine is small and compact, and has been developed as an eco-friendly and cost effective alternative to traditional protective packaging.

Using only Kraft and tissue paper (no tape or glue at all!) it’s unique 3D honeycombed structure firmly wraps around items, protecting them securely.  A sustainable alternative to foam and bubble, it’s another way to enhance the product experience for your customers, ensuring they receive their package in perfect, natural organic packaging.

We had a great time demonstrating this and our other machines, we hope you got a chance to take a look.  With packaging becoming increasingly important for internet businesses, we expect next year’s expo to top it. We’ll be there to demonstrate to our customers how they can transform their packaging operation with advice from our Packaging Specialists.

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