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2 min read 23 June 2023

Our purchasing team is always on the lookout for new products to make sure we’re offering the best range possible to our customers. While we build up to the launch of our September catalogue, we’ve been adding a few key lines to the website. From specialist tape to extra strong cleaning materials, we have it all here!


Going eco is something we all should be doing. Here at RAJA, it’s something we’ve been passionate about for a long time. We’ve even joined CSR Europe, the first company in our sector to do so as a corporate member. That’s why we’re so thrilled to introduce into our range XTaper gummed paper tape which offers a fully recyclable and biodegradable alternative to tapes that use plastic. While we’ve had gummed paper tape before, XTaper improves performance with the fully portable  X Taper Dispenser. Battery operated and hand-held, you can cut your eco tape to any length you need anywhere in the workplace.

Cushelle Toilet Roll


Cushelle toilet paper is irresistibly soft and cushioned, offering our customers an excellent experience that’s economic to boot. With micro-air pockets ensuring a comfortable and clean feeling with every use, while providing the absorption and softness you need from Toilet Paper. Not only that, this 2-ply toilet paper has 180 sheets per roll; twice as many sheets as the standard roll! Rolls that last longer without compromising on the experience, Cushelle is an excellent product that we’re proud to add to our range.

Graffiti X Remover

For the toughest stains, it has to be G12 Graffiti-X Remover. Easily removes permanent marker, aerosol paints, and inks without damaging the underlying surface thanks to its unique chemical blend. Works wonders on various surfaces such as plastics, glass, vehicle bodywork, Perspex, and glazed tiles. Simply follow the instructions and take suitable safety precautions and you can easily get rid of all manner of stains and graffiti. This potent spray is a fine addition to our range of products.

New Handling Equipment

As we work to expand our Workplace offering, we are introducing a plethora of new handling equipment. We’ve brought on a number of trucks and trolleys to help expand the range and offer a better warehouse solution to our customers. One of the highlights is a Heavy Duty Distribution Trolley. Offering a secure and reliable way to move goods across your work environment, this trolley is a brilliant addition for any workplace.

What do you think of these new products? If any of them are sparking your interest, why not get in touch! Our team are waiting to give you advice.

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