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  • Xtaper® gummed paper tape
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Xtaper® gummed paper tape

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Detailed description

Gummed paper tape for use with our portable Xtaper® dispenser.

Discover the incredible sealing power of Xtaper® gummed paper tape. Effortlessly apply with our Xtaper® Handheld automatic gummed paper tape dispenser. Xtaper® gummed tape is crafted from 100% biodegradable paper, providing an eco-friendly tape solution. Activate its starch-based adhesive with water for secure, tamper-proof sealing.

Choose from our range of standard gummed tape or opt for the reinforced version, delivering even greater strength and durability. With Xtaper®, you will have peace of mind knowing your packages are securely sealed, ready for their journey.

Embrace the benefits of paper tape – the ideal choice for achieving a secure, biodegradable, and recyclable seal on any corrugated cardboard.