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2 min read 05 March 2015

People are concerned with their privacy now more than ever.  Dependability is a valuable commodity in business; it can make or break a relationship. You only need check the news to read stories of letters getting lost in the mail, parcels getting damaged or even money being stolen from cards. When sending goods it’s important to know that they’re looked after in transit, but how can you make sure they stay safe?

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English posting box by Andy Mabbett

An ideal way to protect a package against alteration or mistreatment is through the use of tamper evident crate seals. These act like a lock that has to be cut to be released, providing visual evidence that boxes or equipment have been opened or used. For added security, the pull-up security seals also have sequential serial numbers printed in black, which means you can track and send items confidently.

For businesses shipping large volumes of goods it’s a little different; in most instances it won’t just be a matter of posting through a letter box and will more likely involve a delivery firm that transports your goods. For bags, a simple pull tight design is perfect for sealing. You’ll be able to track and trace your secure items and see if anything has been altered.

The ideas are simple, but more importantly they offer businesses piece of mind, beyond financial and liability security.


A customer relationship based on trust is absolutely vital for any business. Take Amazon, for example.

Amazon use seller ratings which help you make the decision on whether or not you want to make a purchase from a seller. The idea is simple; if two vendors are selling the same item and one has 60% positive feedback yet the other has 98% positive feedback, then who is a customer more likely to buy from?

In an environment where, for the customer, reliability is as important a currency as money, the affordability and convenience of these simple security measures make them no-brainers.

The most important thing to remember when sending your product to the customer is that their experience doesn’t start when they first use their new item. The impression they have of your company starts when they first receive that package from the delivery person.

A parcel that appears well-cared for, well-secured and immaculately delivered with attention to detail, will leave no doubt in the customers mind that yours is a service worth revisiting.

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