RAJA UK’s 2022 Charity Activity

3 min read 03 February 2023

We had a busy year for charity! All through 2022, we made sure to raise money for worthy causes and try to make sure we had a bit of fun along the way.

Here are 6 of the best charity events we held last year:


A favourite of many a company but one we always try and put some extra muscle in to. While some teams opted for combined costumes (the entire of marketing opted for a Lord of the Rings look) and some just went for impressive solo acts, the costumes were all thoroughly impressive. This year, same as last, we were raising money for the Young Minds Trust, a mental health charity that specialised in children and their carers to ensure they have all the support necessary to thrive. All in all, we raised £241.50 for charity. And as always, the eternal rivalry between operations and office staff for who had the best costume raged once more. Who knows, let’s see who wins this year.


Seven of RAJA’s fittest (or bravest) staff also completed the London Marathon last year! All seven completed the entire 26.2 mile run with some fairly impressive times, our Finance Director managing to lead the pack with a final time of 4 hours, 14 minutes and 9 seconds. All of this impressive cardio was to support the Garden House Hospice, a charity very dear to our hearts. It costs £9,000 per day to provide support and palliative care to patients and their families and our marathon runners raised £4,814. A fantastic achievement and one that we are likely to repeat by running in the Stockholm Marathon 2023!


We’ve already talked about the climb up Mount Snowdown so we won’t get into too much detail here. Once again, we were collecting for the Garden House Hospice and the climb was in memory of Andy Scaplehorn, a colleague who was fighting cancer through 2021. Much like the Marathon, we’re looking to repeat the climb as well on the 5th of May so stay tuned to see if we have some new faces daring to scale the tallest mountain in Wales.


For a throwback to the days of old British Gameshows, RAJA took part in a solid round of It’s a Knockout! A wet and wild contest of champions with RAJA competing against other local businesses in a silly competition that involved far more washing up liquid than we were initially anticipating. This was all in support of Alec’s Angels, another charity aiming to bring some joy to sick children,  given how much of a mess we made, we can hope that the money raised and the show itself went some way to deliver on that.


Another event we have almost every year! The festive spirit brightens up the workplace and as always, the charity was Save the Children. The entire business took part, many even bringing new jumpers to try and make a better show than last year. Keeping the Christmas spirit going is a tradition we’re likely to see continue in 2023, only 11 months to go!


Unlike Halloween and Christmas, Pride is a relatively new tradition for us to adopt at RAJA but we jumped into it with full enthusiasm. After a month of informative updates about the LGBT+ community and raising funds for Galop, we had a day of wearing the best Pride outfits we could raise from across the business. Rainbow imagery, Drag outfits, everything to emphasise that the business supports and stands with the LGBT community.

With 2023 ahead, we’re planning to raise even more money for good causes and hope to demonstrate that RAJA is working hard to embrace our responsibility and do the right thing.

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