Getting creative with cardboard box crafts

5 min read17 February 2021

Getting creative with cardboard box crafts has never been easier. With home deliveries rocketing in lockdown, most homes – and offices – are awash with cardboard boxes, tubes and packaging. While it is great to reuse these for storage, shipping and other practical uses, sometimes it is nice just to get a little creative.

Getting crafty with cardboard boxes

Here we show you some of the things you can do with large cardboard boxes, small cardboard boxes and even parts of deconstructed cardboard boxes. Find out what you can make – for yourself, your kids and even your toddlers – as well as looking at how they can be used to create home décor.

So, let’s get creative.

Getting creative with cardboard box crafts

With so many ecommerce delivery boxes mounting up in homes around the world, it is time to get creative with cardboard boxes. Crafts with cardboard have long been a staple of many bored children on a rainy day, as well as the essential raw materials for many crafters to start a new project.

Cardboard is an ideal material for making things strong and sturdy, yet can be easily cut and folded. It is also very easy to stick with relatively common adhesives and tape and it can be painted with water based paint.

For these reasons, many people are using this plethora of cardboard boxes either in box form or deconstructed into sheets of cardboard to create things.

And what a vast range of things you can build: if you can imagine it, you can probably build it out of cardboard and cardboard boxes. Car manufacturer Lexus, for instance, recently built a life-sized replicator of its latest electric car out of 1700 precision cut cardboard pieces, each hand glued together, including the interior.

You may not be able to produce a car – though why not try? – but there are many things you can easily make at home from cardboard.

Things to make with cardboard boxes

So, what things can you make with cardboard boxes? Easy things to make out of cardboard boxes is limited only by your imagination. When it comes to cardboard box crafts, there are so many things you can do.

If you have kids or pets you will know that a cardboard box  can be just as fun or even more fun to play with than what came in it  – forts, playhouses and more, are all great things to do with large cardboard boxes . But before we get to that, there are many things you can use boxes for as an adult, how about for simple storage?

Packaging boxes for storage shelves


Many people are turning their used carboard boxes into handy storage containers, being more adventurous and adding colour and layering materials to create a stylish look. These can be used for anything dry and light, such as odds and ends around the house, magazines, wool and more. They can also be used to divide up drawers.

Boxes can also be cut up – or internal box dividers can be used – to create draw dividers (Image:

Away from the practical uses, cardboard can be turned into pretty much anything: photo frames, Christmas decorations, scratching posts for pets, pet houses or, into a presentable storage box by simply gluing some paper.

Cardboard box crafts for kids

While there are many ‘grown up’ things to do with cardboard, the whole idea really comes alive when you look at cardboard box crafts for kids.

Looking at the BBC, there are at least 15 fun and easy ways to play with packaging boxes, starting with a DIY post box – to making puzzles – right through to the standard of being able to sit in your box proudly – of  your new car or boat, or using many boxes to make a train and pretend you are the conductor, driver or passenger.

Kids can even make wings out of cardboard and pretend to fly – and we must stress here PRETEND – as well as even making a cooker, a camper van, an aeroplane, a variety of household appliances and even a guitar out of small cardboard box crafts.

While making many of these things can also involve the kids – they can remove all the unwanted flaps and do the painting at the very least – there are many cardboard box ideas for toddlers too. From simple puzzles to a dolls house, again the possibilities are limited only by your imagination and how many boxes you have.

Home decor with cardboard boxes

While there are lots of fun things that you can make for yourself and your kids from boxes, there is a growing move towards home décor with cardboard boxes. DIY cardboard box décor is not only a good use of ‘spare’ boxes, it also presents a great, sustainable and cost-effective way to improve your home.

Create your own version of a pop up desk

If you are in to big cardboard box crafts, you could build all your furniture out of cardboard boxes, but more realistically, cardboard boxes are better adapted to a range of homewares. Boxes are ideal for this sort of craft project as they are easy to work with and lightweight. They also offer a really environmentally friendly way to make an impact on your home.

While the wealth of cardboard boxes is a direct result of the ecommerce boom, it could also help solve another issue thrown up by lockdown: your all-important zoom background. A humorous way for creating privacy or hide your messy background.

And if that doesn’t work, there is always wearable cardboard, which you could make yourself!

No video call background? No problem: make one to wear (Image: Twitter)

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