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Personal touches with gift wrapping paper and accessories

Adding personal touches with gift wrapping paper and accessories is great for personal gift giving and is an excellent additional service to offer as a merchant or retailer – especially in the ecommerce era we find ourselves in.

With Christmas coming, we take a look at the range of wrapping paper and bags available, the colours, the textures and the finishes, as well as looking at the roller machines that can make it easier to do neatly and professionally and how to finish it all off with a ribbon.

Personal touches with gift wrapping paper and accessories

Gift wrap done properly can make all gifts look good, not just at Christmas

Personal touches with gift wrapping paper and accessories are what make Christmas – and all other gift-giving occasions – special. Gift wrapping makes giving presents and gifts exciting and special, but adding that personal touch with a right wrapping paper can really make it extra special.

For personal gift giving, getting the wrapping right makes for a lovely gifting experience, but for many ecommerce businesses, being able to offer professional and inspired gift wrapping as an add-on service is an excellent way to increase sales and revenues.

Whether you are wrapping it for business or for personal use, having the right gift wrapping paper, with the right accessories, such as bows, ribbons and gift bags makes all the difference – and with the right gift wrapping and accessories, you can let your creative side really fly to make gifts look great.

Patterned gift wrap is a good place to start, either appropriate to the occasions or just that looks nice. Mixing it up or using dual coloured wrap can also make for an individual and unique wrap. Tie it off with the right ribbons and bows and you have transformed an ordinary present into a work of art.

For events such as baby showers and christenings, along with wrapping hampers – where the goods themselves are a feast for the eyes – clear wrapping is ideal. There are even many ways to make your presents look beautiful and save the planet, with extensive ranges of eco-friendly gift wrapping.

In short, there are myriad ways to wrap and many things to wrap with – but how do you make that work on a practical basis? Here are some tips and tricks.

Is a gift wrap paper roll holder necessary?

A gift wrap paper holder is necessary if you want to make your gift wrapping look professional with ease. Gift wrapping paper roll holders hold the gift wrapping paper rolls on a roller that allows for smooth, even and straight dispensing out of the paper. The devices also feature a cutting edge against which premium quality gift wrap paper can be neatly torn.

These machines are ideal for giving a professional finish to wrapping and, for those that need to do a lot of wrapping – either for a large group of family and friends or as part of a gift wrapping or ecommerce business – these holders make it much faster and easier to handle in bulk.

Counter roll holders: give a neat finish for gifts and flowers

Counter roll holders are made with sturdy white enamelled die-cast chassis and satin finish aluminium rails, these rollers also have strong rubber feet that help stabilise the unit. They also feature a serrated blade to cut through wrap, Kraft paper and even transparent film wrap.

These wrap holders are ideal for gift wrapping, as well as being very well suited to floristry too, allowing for the right amount of wrap for varying sized bunches of flowers to be dispensed and torn neatly off as desired.

Showing you care with eco-friendly gift wrapping

Eco-friendly wrapping with tissue, coloured Kraft paper, Kraft paper boxes and bags

Showing you care with eco-friendly gift wrapping adds to the charm of having a nicely wrapped gift. Making this happen is  made all the easier with the growing range of recyclable gift wrap and eco gift wrap available. Coloured tissue, recyclable – and recycled – Kraft paper wrap, as well as coloured Kraft paper gift boxes, bags and pouches are all excellent plastic-free gift wrapping options that can deliver the wrapping ‘wow factor’ and keep your eco-friendly credentials intact.

Coloured tissue is a great ‘green’ gift wrapping option

Coloured tissue is luxurious and eye-catching and adds to the overall feel of quality when wrapping – and it is easy to recycle, even when coloured. Coloured, crinkle-cut shredded paper can also be used to protect products, as well as giving them that professional and elegant feel, adding to the whole wrapping experience.

Coloured, crinkle cut shredded paper

Coloured Kraft paper wrap, Kraft paper boxes and bags are also exciting was to present gifts, that can be recycled or even reused. Whether it is plain or patterned, Kraft paper provides a sturdy wrap that exudes the feel of luxury and offers the goods inside some degree of protection too. A win-win-win.

What’s the occasion? Christmas gift wrap and festive flourishes

Whatever the occasion, good wrap makes a gift, but at Christmas it is particularly important. Christmas gift wrap, with a festive flourish, not only makes the presents look like the presents from A Christmas Carol, but from a practical perspective it also protects what’s inside.

Ho! Ho! Ho! Patterned Christmas gift wrap

Glass-fibre reinforced patterned gift wrap is environmentally friendly and convey all that is good and earthy about Christmas; holly, mistletoe, snowflakes, candy canes and bells.

But Christmas gift wrap roll isn’t just about a nice print, the Christmas theme can be carried through with colour, texture and pattern – and accessories such as ribbon, as we shall see.

Silver and gold is also very Christmas-y

Silver and gold Kraft paper wrap is also quite season, as is polka dots. There are also a wide range of patterns – from geometric to spots to bottles to plain – all of which are ideal for any occasions, but which also tap into the celebratory feel of the Christmas season with Christmas gift wrap.

Stella wrapping paper: ideal for Christmas as well

There are also clever things to do with mixing and matching different patterned gift wraps to create all manner of bespoke wrapping experiences.

And if that sounds too complicated, you can create a similar look with cool dual-coloured Kraft paper wrap.

Dual-coloured Kraft paper wrap makes a real impression at any time of year

What’s the occasion? Clear gift wrap for baby and bridal showers

Transparent gift wrap makes any gift look goodOf course, Christmas is but one occasion where good wrapping counts – through the year there are many others. Baby and bridal showers, for instance, also need to be wrapped in quality gift wrapping paper that is appropriate to the gravity of the occasion.

Recycled clear gift wrap – made with 30% recycled material – is clear and shimmery all at once, making it ideal for wrapping gifts for new mums and their babies, brides to be and for adding a touch of glass to hampers and other gifts where seeing what’s inside is a benefit.

Patterned wrapping paper, printed on luxurious and thick Kraft paper in a variety of patterns makes all gifts, whatever the occasion, look really alluring. When wrapped using a counter roll holder, it can look neat and clean and professional.

Finish it off with a gift wrap ribbon

While wrap looks great, it can be finished off really well with gift wrap ribbon. This can help hold the package together – especially if the gift is made up of multiple components – but also can make the whole package look great.

Gift wrap ribbon comes in satin, raffia and metallic

Available in a vast array of colours, as well as in satin, raffia and metallic finishes, gift wrap ribbon sets of any package for any occasion. Teaming the colour with the paper can make for a beautiful package, while using ribbon with a plain Kraft paper wrap can add a touch of simplicity that makes the package look classy and professional.

Want to know more about our wide range of gift wrapping paper?

For additional advice on the best gift wrapping paper, rollers, ribbon and more, our Experts are here to help you find the right solutions and arrange next day delivery. Simply call us on 0800 542 44 28 or visit www.rajapack.co.uk.


Presenting InfusionWrap™ – Scented Bubble Wrap

As number 1 in Europe for Packaging, at Rajapack we continue to innovate in the industry; it was only a matter of weeks ago that we introduced our brand new Rajaprint custom packaging tape system and now, we have an industry-first to unveil.

It is our absolute pleasure to announce the forthcoming release of our revolutionary new protective packaging: InfusionWrap™ – Scented Bubble Wrap.



InfusionWrap™ will be introduced to the RajaBul range of bubble wrap.  Customers have always been able to see a product, feel a product, even taste a product in some circumstances. Now, they can smell it as well for a full sensory experience.

By this, we don’t mean the smell of the cardboard or plastic that the item has been packaged in. We mean subtle scents of real products; coffee, fresh-baked bread, flowers, or sizzling bacon. Each bubble in this special edition bubble wrap will release aromas that stimulate the senses and evoke memory recall across a range of emotions.

Infusion Wrap


The science behind the InfusionWrap™ is simple; we’ve used this exact same methodology that perfume manufacturers use when sampling their scents, only we’ve managed to reduce it from a liquid form.

Each bubble of our scented wrap contains 12 Olfactory units of fragrance. These are released once the bubble is popped. As our sense of smell is linked to our memory, the 12 Olfactory units can influence our mood, bring back memories and even effect how we work! This is because our olfactory senses are located in the limbic system, associated with the ’emotional brain’.


There would be no point sending such an innovative and potentially market-changing product to market if no one could afford it. That’s why, for only £10 more than standard bubble wrap (per unit), you can bring this experience to your customers and enhance their experience when they unwrap your products.

That’s incredible value even if we do say so ourselves.


We truly believe that scented bubble wrap could completely replace standard bubble wrap in a matter of years, so get on board now so you can beat the competition by more than a nose!

Sending Presents for Valentine’s Day

For most couples, Valentine’s Day will involve flowers, a romantic meal out or maybe even just a night in cuddling on the couch, but what about those in long distance relationships? How do you spoil each other when distance is an obstacle? The answer of course is a good old parcel. But what should you include and how do you make sure it will be safe when posted?

There are many reasons a couple may be apart on Valentine’s Day; students studying in different cities, professionals who have to work abroad, or those away on a business trip that want to make a gesture before they return home.  Whatever the reason, sending gifts is a big part of celebrating Valentine’s Day if you’re apart, and don’t worry – posting gifts can be just as romantic as any gesture made in person.

Image of Pink Roses

If you’re thinking of sending a parcel for your loved one this Valentine’s Day there are a few things you should consider before packing and sending it:

1. Make sure you can actually send your intended present through the post

Many items are deemed unsafe or unsuitable to send through the post so always check to make sure first. The Royal Mail has a list of restricted goods  on their website which includes the following:

  • Alcohol*
  • Batteries*
  • Electronic devices
  • Lighters
  • Living creatures
  • Magnets
  • Perfumes and aftershaves
  • Flowers
  • Food
  • Sharp objects*
  • Paint 

As well as a list of prohibited goods, which includes the following:

  • Items with batteries more powerful that 100W, including some laptops and power tools
  • Living creatures
  • Goods made in foreign prisons 

Rules and laws vary from country to country, and additional checks on whether you can send your package are necessary just to be on the safe side.

*unless packaged correctly. See our section below: Packaging presents correctly.

2. Make sure your intended present can survive the trip

Royal Mail suggest that items should not be sent domestically if they would not survive more than 48 hours in transit – this is likely to include popular Valentine’s presents like chocolates and flowers. Both of these items are only seen as restricted by Royal Mail, but flowers are easily crushed, and chocolates can melt; both of these outcomes are likely if posting internationally.

If you’re intending to send flowers, using a courier service that specialises in flower deliveries is a much safer option.

Similarly, if you’re sending crafts or homemade items you will want to make sure they are packaged correctly so they don’t end up broken. 

Packaging presents correctly


Alcohol is a very popular present to send through the post, particularly nice bottles of wine. There are however restrictions on these that many people may not be aware of.

Legally, Alcohol with an ABV of 24% or less has to be wrapped in polythene and sealed with tape. This then needs to be surrounded with an absorbent material and enough protective material to prevent unwanted breakages.

The volume of the bottle in the parcel cannot exceed 1 litre per item. This means that most average wine bottles are okay, but larger wine bottles are not – unfortunately you won’t be able to send that Melchizedek of champagne!

All packages containing glass bottles must be clearly labelled as ‘FRAGILE’. As well at this, the sender’s name and return address must be clearly visible on the outer packaging.

For stronger alcohols (those between 24% and 70% ABV) there is one extra restriction to be aware of: no more than two items can be sent in any one package. 

Food Stuffs

Foods are extremely popular around Valentine’s Day (think chocolates and sweets) but they’re actually one of the most heavily restricted things you can send in the post.

As a rule of thumb, all foodstuffs sent through the post must be able to last more than 48 hours in transit; first class postage should always be used.

Like alcohol, all foods must be wrapped in polythene in case of spillages, and must be packed in a strong corrugated cardboard box with adequate protective material.

No frozen water or dry ice is allowed to be sent in the post. 


Perfume is extremely restricted so it’s good to know the facts before you go sending some to your lover. Firstly, the volume per item must be less that 150ml.  Secondly, the perfume must be in its original unopened packaging. Thirdly, it must be wrapped in a strong outer layer of packaging with a generous amount of cushioning to prevent breakages.  Finally (and most importantly) the package must clearly have an ID8000 label attached to the outside.

To get an ID8000 label, the package and the goods must be presented to the Post Office counter.

Clothing and other soft goods

When sending clothing to your loved one it’s worth noting that although there aren’t as many restrictions, there are some good pieces of advice worth following.

Firstly, boxes are not necessary for sending clothing, however if you want to reduce the risk of damage a box may be worth considering.  Secondly, if you’re sending other items with the clothing, say for instance chocolate, you may want to separate the items with polythene packaging to prevent marks and stains. 

In Conclusion

Sending presents through the post is a great way of spoiling your loved one on Valentine’s Day when you can’t be there, but there are many restrictions you must be aware of when sending alcohol, food stuff, perfume and clothing.

By remembering to wrap things properly to avoid breakages, most things will be fine, especially if sent first class.

If in doubt, always ask a member of staff at the Post Office, and always remember: get proof of postage and insurance if the items are expensive or valuable.