Think Outside the Box : The Best Packaging for Sending Unusual Items

3 min read 14 April 2023

In the age of eCommerce, you can buy nearly anything online. All the way from tiny components to an entire car. But one thing that all of these items have in common is the need for logistics and shipping. Using the right kind of packaging is vital to the success of any eCommerce business but not everything is going to be easy to pack. While you can get most anything packed into a good double wall cardboard box with void fill to protect it there will be some items will require specialist packaging. No matter what product you need shipped, our experts can provide you with a solution that will get it there safely and cost-effectively.


Bottles have always been a popular item to be shipped across the world. They’ve traditionally been a little difficult to send via the post, requiring extensive void-fill and other protection in case of damage. Sending a single bottle required a very bulky box with plenty of room to protect the glass. One of the recent innovations we’ve adopted into our range is the Flexi-Hex Bottle Sleeve, designed to fit snuggly around the bottle to protect it in transit. The sleeve easily slides down over a bottle and provides cushioning in transit. This handy design has proven so successful we’re looking at some different sizes to bring in. From small enough for a phone to large enough for a TV! For the time being though, we’re sticking with the bottle sleeve but watch this space!



It may seem an odd thing to get through the post, but frequent readers of our Customer Testimonials will know that Guitar packaging is something we really shine at. Providing a snug cardboard fit helps to minimise the need for void fill. And as mentioned in the video, the solution we provide has been key to their growing as a business. It’s worth noting, that this highlights one of the key elements of some packaging solutions. The need for bespoke packaging! We offer a wide range of bespoke options for branding as well as sizes when it comes to fitting certain products. Which we’ll talk about in our next entry.


A relatively new foray for us has been sourcing very wide but quite flat boxes for a new customer. These boxes protect the product well in transit, although they’re unlikely to fit through a letter box! This is another great example of what we can offer our customers with bespoke packaging.

Frozen Food

Perhaps an obvious inclusion after the boom in online food delivery, but food packaging has improved dramatically. These CoolaPak Ice Pads are an excellent example of how this new space has been filled with great products. Easy to use and can drop to -40 degrees, they’re also re-usable and re-freezeable!


Perhaps not the most exciting but a great example of packaging for an oddly shaped object. These Mug Boxes can be easily assembled and perfectly fit the standard mug size for breakage free postage. Quick to assemble, quick to open and excellent resilience – if you’re looking to send a mug through the post these are exactly what you need!

What do you think? Can you think of an oddly shaped product you need a packaging solution to? Why not get in touch and see if we can find you a solution!

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