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Keep chilled and frozen foods fresh during shipping

Designed to keep food and other goods cool during transportation and short-term storage these CoolaPack Ice pads come in sheets of 4x2 cells which are dehydrated to save space. Each sheet consisting of 4 cells measures 268 x 190mm. Fully BRC certified, FDA/EU approved and totally safe for use with food and drink.

To activate CoolaPack Ice Pads soak them in fresh water for 10 minutes to allow the internal polymer beads to expand then freeze the now swollen pads in temperatures as low as -40°C. Once your CoolaPack Ice Pads are frozen use on top of your goods fabric side down. Full instructions are included with each pack.

Sold in packs of 200 sheets.

Environmental Information - When you need to dispose of the packs, simply cut the cells and pour the water-soluble gel down the sink. The true aluminium foil and the fabric is not recyclable. The packs are also reusable, so you can refreeze when needed.

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