Amazing Uses of Packaging Tape

1 min read05 February 2015

We all know about the many uses of packaging tape in the office, but what if you think outside the box? We have looked at some amazing and creative uses of tape, and have found some fantastic surprises!

Whether it’s being used to make a Batman mask, or one of the many impressive sculptures in this fantastic competition from Scotch tape, it just goes to show that there’s more to tape than meets the eye.

It’s not just a matter of sticking things together, there is so much more you can do; whether it’s making yourself some trousers, or even some new and unique shoes, the items below show just what can happen with packaging tape and a little imagination.

 Batman Mask by Seamster

Batman Mask by seamster

Image of computer casing


 Computer Case 

Amazing art sculpture from tape

Tape Sculptures at Blaze Press

Masking tape pants


Tape Trousers by Music Paints the Soul

Tape flip flops










Flip Flops by Tree-hugger

Rajapack stocks a wide range of packaging tape and strapping which is available here, offering services including personalised packaging tape with a free quote available within 48 hours.

What could you create with a roll of packaging tape? We’d love to see your imaginative designs!


  1. You give really surprises packaging designs. This is the ultimate packaging design. Absolutely your packaging design is amazing and creative. Thanks for sharing with us.

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