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Packaging tape and strapping

Secure parcels and pallets with high-quality packaging tapes and strapping

RAJA has everything you need to secure pallets, bundle products, and seal your boxes effectively so contents arrive at their destination safely. Our different types of packaging tape and strapping are all designed to save you time while improving productivity in the workplace. From tapes including heavy duty polypropylene, to strapping machines and industrial packaging strapping, we can meet all your business needs.

How do I decide?

When choosing your packing tape and strapping materials, you need to consider the weight, how often you’re using it, and how long you would need it for. Knowing these important elements will help you to understand what packaging tape you need, or if you need to invest in other tools like a strapping belt, or a complete package strapping kit. All of these are important elements to ensure your products remain sealed and secured.

Product Weight

For a stronger hold, our selection of vinyl and filament packing and parcel tapes are the ideal option. Different from your typical Sellotape, the stronger bonding agents found in packaging tapes are more long-lasting as they stick to your boxes for longer. If you want to bundle together lighter packages, then our range of economical polypropylene strapping (sometimes known as plastic strapping) is the ideal option. For something bulkier and heavier, extruded or steel strapping are great alternatives.


If you find yourself handling high volumes of boxes, parcels, and packages, it may be worth looking at the equipment you would be using. If you’re frequently applying packing or masking tape, a tape dispenser is an ideal way to save your colleagues time during busier periods. Or, for a larger production lines where you’re handling similar sized products, equipping your workplace with an automatic strapping machine can bundle packages with the press of a button. There are plenty of options available, and a semi-automatic machine or a handheld strapping tool can be a cost-effective alternative. Of course, there are plenty of manual tools available as well, including a packaging strapping tool kit. So you have an economical choice if your workplace has a slower production line.

Length of Time

When choosing packaging tape, or strapping tools and materials, you need to consider how long you need the seal to last. If you’re just trying to get a package from A to B, then a standard PVC adhesive will probably be enough. For longer term storage, acrylic tape provides a strong and stable adhesion. If you need something more heavy duty, then synthetic rubber hot melt tape is the optimum choice, as this is the strongest type of adhesive available. Also, be aware of the area’s temperature, as some are better suited to warmer or cooler environments.

Extruded polyester strapping is one of the strongest types of packaging strapping available. A modern alternative to steel strapping, it’s twice as strong as regular strapping bands while also normally having more available on the roll. Plus, it’s more flexible so it bends easily around more awkward shapes.

You can count on us!

Explore our custom packaging tape options. Custom packing tape (also known as printed tape) is an ideal way for you to establish your brand and help retain customers. Our packaging specialists can help you find the best tape for packing boxes, or the right types of strapping to secure your parcel. If you have any questions or if you’re just looking for a recommendation, just give us a call.

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