RAJA UK’s CSR work February 2024

3 min read16 February 2024

At RAJA UK, one of our core values is to ‘Do The Right Thing’ and put simply, this value drives our approach to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

As a business, we believe that;


“Our purpose is to build relationships based on trust, collaboration, and community spirit.

We are passionate about making a lasting impression with the smallest footprint.

We believe in doing the right thing today to create a sustainable tomorrow.”


This extends beyond the confines of our business and into the community that surrounds us. Over the last 24 months, we have been building links with local education establishments to support the development of future generations.


The Next Generation

Throughout this academic year, we have been supporting both the Business Management Students and the Human Resources (HR) students at the University of Bedfordshire. This includes providing career advice and mentoring, supporting careers fairs, and providing work experience placements. Last week, a group of 3rd year students came to our head office for a field trip, to help put their studies into context and support them in considering what comes next after they have finished their studies.

The students spent 3 hours with us, learning about the history of the RAJA Group, the challenges and achievements of the last 5 years for RAJA UK and, for the business students, how all of our business areas work together to drive the strategy of the business. For the HR students, we presented how the HR function adds value to business strategy. To allow the students to get a feel of the RAJA rhythm, they also had a tour of the site so that they could see the things that we were highlighting in action. The field trips were hosted by Tom Rodda, our Managing Director, who provided the tours and Emily Goss, our HR and CSR Director, who provided the workshop-based elements of the visit.

STEM Support

In addition to the work we do with the University, Philip Price, our Product Data Manager, is a STEM ambassador. He offers his time, passion, and energy to head out to schools, colleges, and youth group organisations to deliver requests from teachers and youth group leaders who want to link STEM subjects to the real world of work.

Over the last 12 months, Philip has predominantly given talks on packaging and the environment and the circular economy to a variety of age groups.

Throughout 2023, Philip has provided 83 hours of support across 24 organisations and reaching around 2,200 participants as part of the STEM programme. Philip also supported in putting together an exhibition on Packaging and Recyclability at the KS3 Student Climate Change summit, held at the University of Bedfordshire, and attended by 160 students and 24 teachers from 16 local secondary schools. On another occasion, Philip visited a Primary School in Edgeware to participate in their Eco Week and gave a talk to approximately 400 students throughout the school on Climate Change, Packaging and Recycling.


17 Goals

While reviewing our CSR strategy, we are mindful of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and aspire to develop a strategy aligned to these goals internally, locally, and globally. ‘Quality Education’ is the 4th of the 17 SDGs and the work that we do with local education establishments is our ‘local’ approach to supporting this goal. Internally we have set up the RAJA Academy, aimed at developing the skills and experience of our team and supporting their career goal. On a global level, our ‘Women and Environment’ Action Programme and the projects supported by the sale of our partnership products are often geared towards education; specifically the education of women in some of the most poverty-stricken areas of the world.

Watch this space for more out-of-the-box updates on our CSR strategy!

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