RAJA’s 2024 Supplier Day

3 min read 29 January 2024

It’s hard to overstate how important our suppliers are for us. In order to provide our customers with the best possible products, it’s vital that that’s what we bring to market. And every year, we make sure to let our suppliers know how much we appreciate everything they do for us. This year’s supplier day was also Burns Night which added a certain poetic flair to the proceedings. 25 of our suppliers all met with us in Milton Keynes to get us up to speed on all the new products we have coming to market this year. Expert knowledge and well equipped sales people are a recipe for success!

Supplier Day

All 25 supplies brought in plentiful samples and experience to share with the RAJA staff and the benefits were very quickly felt. Innovative new products were on display that were all entered into our “Product Innovations” award. Ranging from exciting new means to mail shoes within an envelope to a comprehensive ladder with safety stairgate and easy dropped support struts. We also saw seminars from two of our major suppliers, Ranpak and VP.

Ranpak talked us through our cold chain range and the goals we’ve set together for this year. Working together to provide the UK with the best selection of products at the best prices to meet this growing sector. VP were focusing on our bubble wrap range and the new paper based products we’re bringing in to support our eco-responsible direction. Both suppliers provided us with in depth and comprehensive knowledge of their range and offerings. After the clock hit 5, it was time for everyone to get ready for the awards!

The Awards

We always want to make sure our suppliers know how appreciated they are. That’s why every year we hold our Suppler Awards Ceremony! We try and acknowledge the companies and people who’ve helped us to be the best. But since the night was Burns Night, we couldn’t start the proceedings without a quick bit of haggis! Courtesy of our friends at Ranpak, we had a reading of Burns and a DYNAMIC display of Haggis serving.

Before we got to the big announcements!

We had several awards to hand out but these are some of our winners. Our Customer Experience Award for outstanding customer service to our customers and demonstrating they hold the same values close to their heart that we do was won by Ranpak! A well earned award by one of our best partners. Our Product Innovation Award, hotly contested, was won by Movopack for their returnable mailers. Designed to be easily returnable, these mailers are incredibly environmentally responsible and something we are all excited to see more of. But the crown jewel, our supplier of the year award, was won somewhere else. We’re happy to announced that VP are our supplier of the year for 2024! For their incredible support and amazing levels of customer service, well done to the team at VP!

Which brings us to the end of Supplier Day 2024. Armed with knowledge and a deeper relationship with our trusted partners, let’s see what else 2024 has in store!

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