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Packaging and hazard labels for use when shipping parcels to ensure correct handling

Protecting products in-transit has to be a high business priority. So Rajapack offer a range of shipping and packaging labels to help you ensure that every parcel arrives in perfect condition. Our in-house experts can guide you through the ordering process, helping you to find the best hazard labels for delicate, fragile and even dangerous goods. Designed for easy use, our parcel labels come with permanent peel-and-stick adhesive to attach securely to cartons and pallets. They’re made with high quality semi-gloss paper and printed with clear, highly visible hazard warnings and handling instructions. So whether you’re sending glass, china or even cakes, our packaging labels can help you get them from A to B in one piece. Messages include ‘HANDLE WITH CARE’, ‘THIS END UP’ and ‘CAUTION HEAVY’ to name a few – and you can also get hazard labels with internationally recognised icons that transcend language barriers.

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Manual label dispensers
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Fragile packaging labels
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Warning packaging labels
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Hazard labels
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Fragile shipping labels
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