Opti-seal industrial heat sealer spares

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  • Opti-seal heat sealers spares
  • For 400m and 600mm width Opti-seal heat sealers
  • Choose from 5 metres of sealing wire or 5 metres of upper or lower Teflon.
  • Sold per item
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sealing wire - 5 metres 67.05
upper teflon - 5 metres 79.45
lower teflon - 5 metres 48.49
Detailed description

Teflons and element wires for your Opti-seal heat sealer

Spare element wires and Teflon strips are compatible with both the 400mm and 600mm Opti-seal heat sealers. Choose from 5 metres of sealing wire, 5 metres of upper Teflon or 5 metres of lower Teflon.

If you need help on how to replace either the wire or the Teflon strip please call our sales team who will be able to help you.

Order now online or call us on 0800 542 44 28 for heat sealing and packaging advice.

Sold per item.

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