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30 micron polythene bags

From £3.10 ex. VAT
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  • Polythene bags protect awkward shaped goods
  • Avoid moisture & dust during manufacturing
  • Package goods in transit or at point of sale
  • Wide range of sizes to suit your product
  • Sold per pack
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P4612 1001504610007.195.755.755.75
P7912 17522579100010.958.758.758.75
P101212 2503001012100019.2015.3515.3515.35
P121812 3004501218100037.8030.2030.2030.20
P182412 450600182450035.1028.0728.0728.07
P243612 600900243650066.1552.9052.9052.90
SP06A 60802.53.2510003.893.503.303.10
SP08A 801603.256.510007.356.606.205.87
SP10A 1002004810008.407.557.106.70
SP11A 10025041010007.706.906.506.15
P5712 1251755710008.307.477.056.60
P6812 1502006810008.958.057.607.15
SP15A 150250610100011.2010.079.508.95
SP16A 150350614100014.8513.3512.6011.87
P81012 200250810100013.9912.5911.8911.19
P81212 200300812100016.3514.7013.8913.07
SP21A 2203308.7513100018.3516.5015.5914.67
SP22A 2203608.7514100019.9517.9516.9515.95
SP25A 2503501014100020.9018.8017.7516.70
P101512 2503751015100023.5521.1919.9918.80
SP26A 2504001016100025.9023.3021.9920.70
P121512 3003751215100029.3026.3724.9023.40
SP30A 3004001216100031.8528.6527.0725.47
SP33A 3004801218.75100041.1036.9934.9032.87
P141812 3504501418100045.4040.8538.5936.30
SP34A 3505501421.5100049.7544.7742.2739.80
P152012 3755001520100047.5542.7940.4037.99
SP42A 400600162450032.4529.2027.5725.95
SP46A 450700182850037.8534.0532.1730.27
P203012 500750203050046.8542.1539.8037.47
SP50A 5008002031.550049.9944.9942.4939.99
SP55A 55090021.53650061.9555.7552.6549.55
SP60A 6001000243950075.7068.1064.3060.55
SP70A 70015002859500102.2591.9986.9081.80

Detailed description

Light duty bags

Polythene bags are great for protecting your products or items from moisture and dust during your manufacturing process. They can be used for packaging goods in transit to retail point of sale display. With a wide variety of clear polythene bags in stock you are bound to find the bag to meet your needs.

Manufactured from low density 30 micron / 120 gauge virgin polythene with heat sealed seams to prevent the polythene bag from splitting. Our polythene bags are approved for food use and can be sealed with tape or bag ties.

Supplied in a convenient dispenser box to help prevent wastage and keep your packaging area tidy (ref: SP15A supplied in a dispenser pouch instead of a box).

Order now online or call us on 0800 542 44 28 for bag and packaging advice.

Sold and priced per pack.

Quantity Available in packs of 500 or 1000 bags depending on the bag size you need. Save on packaging costs with our large order discounts when you buy 3 or more packs.

Size and shape options Bag sizes range from 60 x 80mm for smaller items up to 700 x 1500mm for larger items.

Materials These polythene bags are manufactured from strong low density 30 micron / 120 gauge virgin polythene which is approved for food use.

Delivery information Delivered in dispenser boxes of 500 or 1000 bags for easy access and storage.