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See a clear difference with our quality polythene bags

With polythene bags you can package and present, display and protect. You can even use them as part of your manufacturing process. All our poly bags are food approved, and are available in a choice of heat or neck seals.

Gusseted bags expand to make room for larger items and are perfect for protecting items with an awkward shape. With a range that includes bags for light, medium, heavy and extra heavy products, our experts can provide whatever your business needs.

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125 micron polythene bags
15 references

From £17.40 ex. VAT
150 micron polythene bags
12 references

From £15.75 ex. VAT
50 micron polythene bags
49 references

From £5.30 ex. VAT
100 micron polythene bags
35 references

From £3.60 ex. VAT
30 micron polythene bags
34 references

From £3.10 ex. VAT