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Premium grip-seal polybags

From £16.10 ex. VAT
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  • Practical and time saving grip-seal bags
  • Choose from 38 sizes to suit your product
  • Tear resistant clear 60 micron polythene
  • Protect items from dirt and moisture
  • Sold in packs of 1000
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Price per quantity break
This product is available in 38  references




Price ex. VAT per pack Up to
30% Off
1 +3 +5 +10 +
RGP01 40601.52.523.0516.1016.1016.10
RGP03 801203.254.7537.1525.9925.9925.99
RGP04 1001504646.7032.6932.6932.69
RGP05 1201804.757.2556.4939.5039.5039.50
RGP72 1502006868.9048.2048.2048.20
RGP09 2303209.2512.5113.5579.4779.4779.47
RGP11 3504501418172.57120.79120.79120.79
RGP60 507022.7525.9023.3020.7018.10
RGP02 60802.53.2526.5023.8521.2018.55
RGP21 601202.54.7532.4529.2025.9522.70
RGP23 701002.75429.7526.7723.8020.80
RGP30 851803.57.2544.4039.9535.5031.07
RGP31 1001004440.3536.3032.2728.20
RGP41 1002004850.8045.7040.6035.55
RGP61 10025041060.4554.4048.3542.30
RGP64 1101704.56.7555.8050.2044.6039.05
RGP71 1202804.7511.2566.9560.2553.5546.85
RGP65 1302005.25860.1554.1048.1042.10
RGP50 1402205.58.7563.4057.0550.7044.37
RGP12 1501506659.2053.2747.3541.40
RGP06 15018067.2561.5055.3549.2043.05
RGP69 15025061073.8066.4058.9951.65
RGP07 1602206.58.7569.9962.9955.9948.99
RGP08 1802507.251078.8070.9062.9955.15
RGP66 1802807.2511.2587.0578.3069.6060.90
RGP14 2002008875.7068.1060.5552.99
RGP62 200250810103.5593.1982.8072.47
RGP67 200300812109.4598.5087.5576.60
RGP81 2202808.7511.25106.6595.9785.3074.65
RGP75 2303009.2512113.25101.9090.6079.27
RGP15 2502501010112.95101.6590.3579.05
RGP76 2503201012.5121.85109.6597.4785.29
RGP63 2503501014136.60122.90109.2795.60
RGP91 27038010.7515.25144.59130.10115.67101.20
RGP16 3003001212141.05126.90112.8098.70
RGP10 3004001216148.90133.99119.10104.20
RGP83 4004001616202.09181.85161.67141.45
RGP46 4006001624207.93187.13166.34145.55

Detailed description

Premium quality resealable bags

Practical and time saving grip-seal bags with an easy to use closure that opens and closes quickly with just two fingers. They are ideal for protecting your items from dirt and moisture. Extremely tough with reinforced heat-sealed sides and a suspension hole for display purposes.

High clarity for perfect visibility makes these grip-seal bags great for organising items for stock counts, storage or presenting your goods. Also suitable for food use. Manufactured from low density tear resistant clear 60 micron / 240 gauge polythene making them more suitable for lighter duty items and every day general use.

The following references have an added air-hole beneath the seal of between 4-6 mm diameter: RGP30, RGP72, RPG71, RGP67, RGP69, RGP81, RGP75, RGP76, RGP46, RGP09, RGP91, RGP10, RGP11, RGP14, RGP15 and RGP16.

Sold in packs of 1000.

Quantity Available in packs of 1000 bags. Save on packaging costs with our large order discounts when you buy 3 or more packs.

Size and shape options Bag sizes range from 40 x 60 mm for smaller items up to 400 x 600 mm for larger items.

Materials These grip-seal bags are manufactured from tear resistant 60 micron low density polythene which is approved for food use.

Delivery information Delivered in boxes of 1000 bags for easy storage.

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