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Standard grip-seal polybags

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From  £3.45  ex. VAT
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  • Easy to use grip seal closure
  • Quickly collate or secure small items
  • Protect products from dirt and moisture
  • Manufactured from tear resistant polythene
  • Sold in packs of 1000
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Eco-responsible product


Price ex. VAT per pack Up to
30% Off
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 GS5 37621.482.4810003.453.453.453.45
 PBAG03 507022.810004.374.374.374.37
 GS15 57572.282.2810003.573.573.573.57
 GS20 57762.283.0410005.
 GS25 601202.44.810007.
 PBAG05 701002.8410008.808.808.808.80
 GS30 76833.043.3210006.906.906.906.90
 GS35 7519037.6100011.4011.4011.4011.40
 GS40 891143.564.5610009.
 GS45 10014045.6100011.7511.7511.7511.75
 GS50 10015046100012.1712.1712.1712.17
 PBAG27 1101704.46.8100012.5912.5912.5912.59
 GS55 1141144.564.5610009.759.759.759.75
 GS60 12518757.48100014.3014.3014.3014.30
 GS65 1391395.565.56100011.3711.3711.3711.37
 GS70 15015066100013.8513.8513.8513.85
 GS75 15018067.2100014.9014.9014.9014.90
 GS80 15022569100020.2920.2920.2920.29
 GS85 150320612.8100026.7026.7026.7026.70
 GS90 1602206.48.8100020.3720.3720.3720.37
 GS95 1802507.210100022.7022.7022.7022.70
 GS100 1901907.67.6100019.1719.1719.1719.17
 GS105 2052808.211.2100028.3028.3028.3028.30
 GS110 225318912.72100033.9533.9533.9533.95
 PBAG33 2303009.212100031.1731.1731.1731.17
 PBAG35 2503201012.8100036.7736.7736.7736.77
 GS115 2503501014100039.9939.9939.9939.99
 GS120 2754001116100044.5044.5044.5044.50
 GS125 3004001216100055.7055.7055.7055.70
 GS130 31831812.7212.72100049.9749.9749.9749.97
 GS135 3254501318100059.3959.3959.3959.39
 GS140 3755001520100070.4570.4570.4570.45
 PBAG65 4006001624100098.0798.0798.0798.07
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Standard grip-seal polybags with a write-on panel
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RAJAgrip green grip-seal polybags
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From £ 17.70 ex. VAT
Detailed description

The easy to close bag!

The easy to use grip-seal closure makes these grip-seal bags perfect for your everyday bagging and collating needs and are ideal to protect your items from dirt and moisture. These grip-seal bags are long-lasting and durable and manufactured from tear resistant clear 45 micron polythene making them more suitable for lighter duty items and every day general use.

The bags are great for organising items for stock counts, storage, presenting your goods and are also suitable for food use. With 34 different sizes to choose from you can be sure to find the right bag for your needs.

Please note these bags do not have hanging holes.

Order now online or call us on 0800 542 44 28 for bag and packaging advice.

Sold in packs of 1000.

Quantity Available in packs of 1000 bags. Save on packaging costs with our large order discounts when you buy 3 or more packs.

Size and shape options Bag sizes range from 37 x 62 mm for smaller items up to 400 x 600 mm for larger items.

Materials These grip-seal bags are manufactured from tear resistant 45 micron low density polythene which is approved for food use.

Delivery information Delivered in boxes of 1000 bags for easy storage.
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Customer reviews
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Most recent customer reviews
Exactly as described.
By Emma on 07/03/19 13:43 - Verified Purchase by TrustPilot
Reference : GS5
couple of bags were slit open but not really an issue, overall quality great.
By Sally on 22/01/19 11:48 - Verified Purchase by TrustPilot
Reference : GS30
what can I say it they are poly bags
By Susan on 13/11/18 15:25 - Verified Purchase by TrustPilot
Reference : GS120
Good quality producy - perfect size
By Julie on 09/11/18 14:44 - Verified Purchase by TrustPilot
Reference : GS90
Good quality, ideal for keeping small screws.
By Denise on 08/11/18 13:41 - Verified Purchase by TrustPilot
Reference : GS15
See all 11 customer reviews