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Protect your goods from corrosion damage

Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor grip seal bags effectively protect your tools, metal components, machine parts and any product which is prone to oxidisation. Now there is no need to protect your goods with oil, grease or paint before shipping or storage, especially if shipping abroad where your product will be a susceptible to many temperature changes, contaminated air, sea salt and moisture.

Volatile (or Vapour) Corrosion Inhibitor is an additive added to the polyethylene of these distinctive blue grip seal bags and once exposed to air, vaporizes and deposits itself as a thin layer on metal surfaces preventing humidity from reaching the item and causing it to corrode. On opening the bag the VCI protective layer evaporates leaving the product dry, clean and corrosion free and ready to use and does not have any effect on plastic or rubber parts. In closed VCI gusset bags this VCI protection is guaranteed for 24 months.

Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor grip-seal bags are manufactured from 80 or 100 micron low density polythene. Complies with Technical Rules for Hazardous substances TRGS 615 regulations.

With excellent resistance to tearing and bursting these grip seal closures open and close quickly and there are 3 sizes to choose from. To further remedy the effects of condensation that may occur, it is advisable to use Silica gel/desiccant sachets and place them inside the VCI bag.

Order online or call our packaging specialists on 0800 542 44 28 to order yours.

Sold and priced per pack.

Quantity Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor grip seal bags are available in cost-effective packs of 500 or 1000 bags. Discounts are available when buying more than two packs.

Size and shape optionsThese protective bags are available in 3 sizes: 100mm x 150mm, 150 x 200mm and 300mm x 400mm. (All measurements internal opening x height.)

Weights and limits Our bags are manufactured to TRGS 615 regulations and the Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor is guaranteed for 24 months in sealed bags.

Materials Made from blue coloured 80 or 100 micron low density polythene.