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The complete system to shrink wrap your products

Ideal for packaging CDs, DVDs, books, computer games etc. this PACKER® shrink wrap film equipment kit is a low cost manual solution for low volume users who want a professional result. Suitable for use with up 400mm centrefold PVC heat shrink film or polyolefin heat shrink film.

This PACKER® shrink wrap film equipment kit contains:1 impulse heat sealer that seals and cuts up to 400 mm wide. 2 speed hot air blower supplied. 1 unrolling dispenser supplied with film separator bar.1 hot air blower safety stand.

Order now online or call us on 0800 542 44 28 for shrink wrap and packaging advice.

Sold and priced per kit.

Other information Power consumption: 420 W for the sealer and 1500 W for the hot air blower. Power supply: 230 Volt. 1 year warranty excluding sealer element wire and Teflon strip consumables. Shrink wrap sealer spares are available separately, see reference P400SWSK.