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Protect products with our range of paper and plastic packaging bags

Package products properly with high quality packaging bags from RAJA. Featuring a wide range of different types of packaging bags, we can ensure your items stay safe when on the road or sat in your warehouse. Buy packaging bags for almost any shape or size, enabling you to equip your workplace with the right packaging solution to suit your needs. Whether you need packaging bags for shipping, storage, or for improving product presentation, our wide range will be able to accommodate.

What type of paper or plastic bags should I use?

Consider your product type and what you need postage packaging bags for. Are your contents heavy duty or lightweight? Are they weighted? Or do you need bulk packaging bags because you are sending products and pallets at high volumes? There are many types of plastic bags for packaging, and at RAJA our wholesale packaging bags are available in multiple forms, each with their own advantages.

Plastic Bags – Resilient, and one of the most common bags found in the workplace. Coloured and transparent packaging bags will save you time during peak periods as they come pre-made. Available in various shapes and sizes, poly packaging bags can be the ideal packaging solution. Products like our self-seal bags will drastically cut costs if you invest in a heat sealer. Our polythene bags are available in a wide range of microns. That means you can stock anything from small clear packaging bags for lighter items, to higher micron polythene bags for heavy duty items. For businesses that regularly send products to customers, why not look at our range of parcel packaging bags (or ‘mailing bags’) for added protection.

Paper Bags – Our white and brown packaging bags are both simple and practical. Great for giving customers the ability to carry items at point of sale, we stock both plain paper bags, and eco-friendly carrier bags. Featuring a selection of sizes and thicknesses, paper packaging bags are ideal for reassuring customers that you’re doing you’re part for the environment.

Layflat tubing - also known as polythene tubing, these continuous rolls can be used to create custom packaging bags of almost any shape and size. Ideal for packaging products without the need to buy packaging bags, simply use a heat sealer to fuse the material together or tie it together with a bag tie. Perfect for creating delivery packaging bags quickly for companies that are regularly sending products to customers.

Shrink wrap – Puncture proof. tear resistant and one of the most versatile storage options, shrink wrap is ideal for covering anything from small boxes to full pallets, and a great investment for protecting products in the long run. Once you apply heat using one of our heat guns, the material shrinks down to the contours of your product, making it ideal for items like ladders or chairs.

What about the environment?

RAJA is always pushing to be an eco-responsible business, and as a result we take factors like recycling and reusability into consideration with our product offering. There are multiple options available to you if you require something other than paper bags. Shrink wrap, for instance, can be balled up and recycled after use provided there is no adhesive or food product tainting it. At RAJA, we stock many reusable packaging bags, as well as those made from recycled materials, which means that you can stock your business with high-quality packaging materials while still being kind to the environment.

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