Corrugated cushion wrap book packaging in rolls

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  • Products are held snugly in place
  • Easily wraps around contents to stop movement
  • The adhesive coating only sticks to itself
  • Can be sealed & secured without the need for tape
  • Sold per roll more

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Detailed description

Self-sealing adhesive coated paper rolls

Flexible corrugated cushion wrap in rolls that can be sealed and secured without the need for tape. The adhesive coating only sticks to itself so your products remain unaffected but are held snugly in place. Easily wraps around contents to eliminate movement and the cushioning absorbs shock to prevent breakage. Ideal for posting flat items such as books or DVDs.

Simply cut to the size you need, place your product in the centre of the sheet, wrap and fold. Press the open ends together and seal; no need for packaging tape. Flexible corrugated cushion wrap is also available in pre-cut sheets in four different sizes.

Contact Rajapack on 0800 542 44 28 if you have any queries about these or any of our other products.

Sold per roll.

Quantity Available in single rolls. Take advantage of our large order discounts when you buy 3 or more rolls.

Size and shape options Rolls are 100m long and available in 2 different widths, either 360mm or 450mm.

Environmental information 100% recyclable.

Delivery information Delivered in single rolls.
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