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500-600mm double wall cardboard boxes

From  £1.63  ex. VAT
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  • Large tough boxes protect goods in transit
  • Double wall rigid corrugated board
  • Strong enough to stack without crushing
  • Perfect surface for sealing tape or labels
  • Sold in packs, priced per box
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type pack
Price ex. VAT per box Up to
35% Off
up to 100100 +200 +400 +800 +
CAD19UK 500400300-102003.
CAD21UK 500400400-15903.842.682.682.682.68
CAD25UK 580380380palletisable10804.663.
CAD17AUK 500300200-103002.522.262.141.891.63
CAD17UK 500310310-151802.772.492.352.071.80
CAD17BUK 500330250-151502.892.602.452.161.87
CAD18UK 500400250-101602.922.622.482.191.89
CAD20UK 500400350-101003.513.152.982.632.28
CAD21AUK 500500200-101003.873.483.282.902.51
CAD21BUK 500500300-10804.413.963.743.302.86
CAD22UK 500500500-101004.944.444.193.703.21
ICD11UK 508508508-51055.214.684.423.903.38
DW3UK 533356229-151803.453.102.932.582.24
DW4UK 536356356-151803.663.293.112.742.37
CAD23UK 540340320-101803.513.152.982.632.28
CAD24UK 540440450-101104.794.314.073.593.11
CAD24AUK 550550500palletisable101106.515.855.534.884.23
P22UK 559349254-151803.453.102.932.582.24
P53UK 571374342-15904.524.063.843.392.93
CAD27AUK 580380170 102203.383.042.872.532.19
CAD28AUK 580380270 102203.783.403.212.832.45
CAD25AUK 580380450 101105.054.544.293.783.28
CAD29BUK 580480360 101105.394.854.584.043.50
CAD25BUK 580480400palletisable101105.554.994.714.163.60
CAD29AUK 580480470 101105.565.004.724.173.61
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Detailed description

Large tough boxes

These large tough boxes withstand being packed together without crushing either the boxes or the goods and are manufactured from double wall rigid corrugated board. They also have the perfect surface for applying sealing tape or labels.

Ideal for when you require an extra-large strong box to either use as an outer for packaging smaller boxes or for protecting larger items such as electrical apparatus and machine tools to ornamental or delicate products. Delivered flat packed for easy storage and transport. All carton and box sizes are internal mm.

Want to discuss your requirements or need help? Call 0800 542 44 28 today, speak to our packaging experts and get next day delivery.

Sold in packs, priced per box

Available in easily stored packs of 5, 10 or 15 boxes. Ordering in bulk? Ask about our discounts for 60 or more boxes.

Size and shape options The length of these large Rajapack double-wall cardboard boxes is between 500 and 580mm with widths available from 300-508mm. We also offer different height options to help you find the perfect fit for your products.

Weights and limits These double-wall boxes are resistant to crushing.

Materials Rigid corrugated cardboard with two layers of fluting for a robust crush resistant box.

Environmental information Rajapack cardboard boxes are 100% recyclable and corrugated cardboard has the highest recycling rates of any packaging in the UK. On average our boxes are made from 75% recycled fibres and the ‘recycling loop’ is so efficient that used boxes can be recycled, remade and reused in just two weeks.

Delivery information Delivered flat-packed in packs of 5, 10 or 15 to take up less space.
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Customer reviews
Most recent customer reviews
Does the job
By Stuart on 12/03/19 08:49 - Verified Purchase by TrustPilot
Reference : CAD18UK
Just what we needed, thankyou!
By Ginny on 06/08/18 16:26 - Verified Purchase by TrustPilot
Reference : CAD29AUK
Just what we needed, thankyou!
By Ginny on 06/08/18 16:26 - Verified Purchase by TrustPilot
Reference : CAD27AUK
Quality good, but was hoping for sturdier box
By Kim on 06/07/18 11:07 - Verified Purchase by TrustPilot
Reference : CAD17UK