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Eco-responsible packaging labels

Packaging labels – the environmentally conscious alternatives

Addressing and labelling parcels is a necessity, but did you know there are environmentally responsible alternatives that perform just as effectively? At RAJA, we proudly offer a range of eco-friendly products to meet your needs. Document enclosed envelopes are a cornerstone of the distribution industry, and we have some excellent eco-responsible options to show you.

Tenzalope Green Document Enclosed Envelopes

These biodegradable envelopes are crafted with water-based adhesives, solvent-free inks, and release paper sourced from managed forests. Choose from plain or printed versions bearing the 'DOCUMENTS ENCLOSED' label. They adhere swiftly to cartons, boxes, and stretch film.

Recycled Material Document Enclosed Envelopes

Our range of document enclosed envelopes, available in plain or printed styles, is manufactured using 60% recycled materials. These envelopes not only serve your labelling needs but also contribute to sustainability.

Eco-Responsible Avery Laser Labels

Our Avery laser labels go beyond being jam-free and easy to apply; they also champion eco-friendliness. Crafted from FSC-certified chlorine-free bleached material, these labels are fully recyclable, thanks to their water-based adhesive backing.

Though, for the simplest labelling solution, consider our tie-on paper tags. Both the white and coloured tags are recyclable, and the white versions are made from 50% recycled material.

If you're eager to learn more about parcel labelling that can help to boost your eco-conscious values, we’re here to assist. Contact us today to learn more about our eco-friendly labelling options and make a positive impact on the environment, and check out our blog post which serves as a Guide to Labels.

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