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Shockwatch indicator labels

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  • Handle With Care labels which tell a story!
  • Glass tube turns red if handled roughly
  • Brightly coloured coded for high visibility
  • Self-adhesive, sticks easily to any box
  • Sold per pack, priced per label more
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up to 22 kgorange50 3.49 3.10
23 - 112 kgred50 3.49 3.10
23 - 112 kgpurple50 3.49 3.10
112 kg +yellow50 3.49 3.10
Detailed description

Find out if your parcel has been dropped en route!

Colour coded according to the weight of the package these Shockwatch indicator labels incorporate a monitor which indicates if the parcel has been dropped or handled roughly. These highly visible labels show permanent irreversible evidence.
There are four different types of available shock indicator, depending on the weight of your package or shipment. Use an orange shock indicator label (L35) for packages up to 22 kg, a red indicator (L47) for shipments up to 112 kg, a purple shock indicator (L55) to transport between 23 and 112 kg and a yellow (L65) if your package weighs more than 112 kg. Each label measures 100mm x 100mm.

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