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Paper and plastic tags

Speed up your day-to-day operations with plastic & paper tags

Make your labels clearer with the power of plastic and paper tags! Our comprehensive selection equips you with the tools you need to clearly label your packaging. Whether it's tagging boxes for swift identification or labelling products for seamless shipping preparation, our plastic and paper tags have you covered. Jot down essential product information and notes on our robust white paper tags. Alternatively, optimize your warehouse organization using our array of coloured paper tags, allowing you to harmonize your product categorization. Available in four distinctive hues, you can ensure that your inventory stands out—be it boxed, bagged, or wrapped.

When should I use them?

Useful in many scenarios, but ones involving cold storage in warehouses or situations where clear labelling is crucial in potentially damp environments, such as bathrooms, our plastic tags shine. These tags are specially engineered to withstand the elements while retaining their durability.

Be the Best Together

At RAJA, our commitment extends to empowering your business, your clients, and your customers. Embrace sustainability with our range of recyclable paper tags, aligning with evolving environmental standards—an aspect of increasing importance to clients and customers alike. Tailored to a spectrum of businesses, from ecommerce and retail to warehousing, our bulk packs of plastic and paper tags aid in maintaining efficient stock management during peak periods. And the bonus? They contribute to cost savings.

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