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Pricing and tagging guns

Equip your workplace with tagging guns and pricing guns

A flexible, fast and accurate labelling solution is essential for retail and other businesses that need to communicate up to date product information to customers and colleagues. Hand-held labelling guns, including pricing and tagging guns, allow you to quickly and effortlessly add labels to your products with information on prices, sales, batch numbers and dates.

What’s the difference between a price gun and tagging gun?

While both pricing guns and tagging guns dispense labels, the way they do it is different. Pricing guns, also known as price guns, print and dispense labels with an adhesive on one side that can then be fixed to your items. Tagging guns, on the other hand, use a needle to pierce the item and attach the label with an attachment tag.

For businesses considering price guns and labelling for the first time, deciding which is best for your needs can be tricky. If you stock clothing, fabrics or soft toys, then an ergonomic tagging gun is a good solution. They are designed to apply labels and tags efficiently, threading the attachment tag through the fabric to create a label that won’t slip or fall off on fabric surfaces.

For pricing or coding products in bulk, especially for products with smooth, non-fabric surfaces, a lightweight pricing gun can make tagging items easy and efficient. Both price guns and tagging guns allow you to quickly change prices and other product information on the shop floor, making them a versatile tool that’s especially useful for small businesses. At RAJA, we stock high quality tagging guns and pricing guns from leading suppliers and established brands, including Avery Dennison, SATO and QuickTag.

Price gun accessories

Once you’ve chosen the right labelling gun for your workplace, you need to stock up on the accessories you’ll need to use your new equipment, including price gun labels and tagging gun attachments. Although some price guns and tagging guns come with a small supply of labels or attachments, you’ll need to restock to carry on using the equipment. Pricing gun consumables include labels and ink rollers, while tagging guns use attachments in different colours and gauges. Remember to check that your accessories are compatible with your price gun or tagging gun before replacing your price gun labels, ink roll or attachments, and you’re ready to go.

Find professional quality tagging and pricing guns at affordable prices

All of our professional pricing guns, tagging guns and supplies are available with next day delivery. For help ordering, as well as friendly expert packaging advice to help you find the best labelling gun for your business, call our experts now on 0800 542 44 28.

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