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  • RanPak® PadPak® Manual Paper Coiler Machine
RanPak® PadPak® Manual Paper Coiler Machine  - 1

RanPak® PadPak® Manual Paper Coiler Machine

Available to rent

  • For use with PadPak® Senior paper
  • Produces versatile cushioning paper, quilted paper pads, or spiral coils.
  • Suitable protection for a variety of product, including fragile and heavy goods.
  • Continuous paper flow with less frequent loading required.
  • Fully recyclable void fill solution
  • For low to medium volume packaging lines
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Detailed description

Protect fragile and heavy goods with unique cushioning coils.

RanPak® PadPak® Manual Paper Coiler Machine produces two cushioning solutions, ideal for protecting a wide range of goods. At the touch of a button, choose between creating patented quilted paper pads or coils. For smaller items, simply use the paper pads to wrap, wedge, or fill voids within packages. Alternatively, coils provide increased surface area coverage for maximum cushioning and shock absorption for fragile, heavy, or large items.

The PadPak® Paper Coiler features two touchscreen control panels, one detachable for easy access at any packing station. The user-friendly interface has five modes allowing you to customise pad and coil production. Program your required length, density, and quantity to eliminate guesswork and increase production. For on-demand production of individual pads or coils, a foot pedal is also included. Once the coil has been made, ensure the shape is maintained by either applying adhesive or unfurling and tucking the end within itself.

Load the PadPak® Paper Coiler with PadPak® Senior paper. This provides a fully recyclable void fill solution and is a great eco-responsible alternative to chemical foam cushioning systems.