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Design your own custom printed tape

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Please note the lead time for custom printed tapes is currently 15 working days.

Let your brand stand out by choosing a custom printed packaging tape featuring your logo!

RAJA has a large range of custom printed tapes for you to choose from with our Rajaprint tool.

  • Low noise polypropylene tapes allow for a long-lasting closure especially on kraft paper surfaces. This resisilent tape is highly effective in cold and moist conditions. It's also resistant to UV and wear and tear, and since it's transparent it won't obscure any designs on your box either. Easy and quiet to use, it's a great and unobtrusive way to get your brand out there. Recommended for packages up to 30 kg.
  • Vinyl packaging tape (PVC) offers instant and durable adhesion on all packaging surfaces. Easy to apply and bonds strongly, it's widely used due to its flexibility and low noise properties. It's practical, can be cut by hand but once fixed will hold strongly. The use of this tape is recommended for packages up to 35 kg. Our Heavy Duty Vinyl option is a thicker tape for parcels around 40kg.
  • Economy polypropylene tapes are very resistant and offer a highly resilient adhesion and is a cost effective option. Its fast flow is ideal for high speed picking and packing work. Suitable for both manual and machine applications, for packages up to 30kg.
  • Our eco-friendly tapes, such as self-adhesive and gummed paper tapes, are made from kraft paper and natural glues, which allows the tape to secure your packages while caring about the environment. Flexible and resistant, they offer the same qualities as a plastic adhesive with instant and long-lasting adhesion. Highly practical too and can be cut by hand. Recommended for packages up to 20 kg.

Choose the most suitable tape for your needs, then customise with your own design with more than 100 different permutations according to the type of tape, colours and size options!

You also have the option to simply add your logo onto your tape thanks to our Rajaprint customisation tool and create your very own custom printed tape to promote your brand to your customers.

Order your custom printed tape today in just a couple of clicks - it really is that easy!