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Strapping and accessories

Secure pallets and products with top quality strapping and accessories

Browse a wide array of strapping products at RAJA. With a plenty of pallet strapping equipment and strapping tools and parts to ensure your items arrive safely at their destination. Whether you’re transporting your products on the road or putting them into storage, you want reassurance that the strapping you’ve used won’t let you down.

What types of strapping do you sell?

Strapping is a packaging essential for businesses needing to secure pallet loads, bundle items or add strength to heavy cartons. We supply a wide range of strapping products, as well as pallet strapping tools, seals and buckles to help you ensure that your items arrive safely at their destination.

Whether you’re exporting your products or securing them for storage, the safety of your items is vital for your business. Strapping is particularly important for bulky and heavy packages, when you need something stronger than packaging tape to secure your cartons and pallets. From industrial strapping products to accessories to make your life easier – RAJA has everything you need all in one location.

Polypropylene strapping

Able to be applied by hand or machine, our polypropylene strapping conforms easily to awkward shapes, making it ideal for securing pallet loads and bundling items together. This tough, economical strapping doesn’t corrode and is abrasion resistant. Available loaded on plastic reels as well as rolls on a recyclable cardboard core. We also stock polypropylene strapping kits, that contain everything you need for strapping operations.

Bale strapping

Used for securing and bundling together items, our strong, tear and fray-resistant bale strapping is easy to use and fits exactly into a baling machine.

Polyester strapping

Designed for securing heavier loads, extruded polyester strapping can withstand high tension and conform to awkward shapes without losing strength. Its high elasticity and flexibility allow polyester strapping to contract to fit your product’s shape after tensioning, which helps it hold bundles secure despite shrinkage or movement. Our extruded polyester strapping is also available in a 100% recyclable format that’s twice as strong as polypropylene strapping.

Corded strapping

Corded polyester strapping is a cost-effective durable strapping designed for use with heavy loads. It is stronger than polypropylene and standard polyester strapping and is 6 times lighter than steel strapping. Choose from a range of breaking strengths, up to 950 kg.

Paper strapping

Paper strapping is recyclable and biodegradable strapping, allowing you to choose eco-conscious packaging when bundling items. With a breaking strain of up to 55 kg, our paper strapping can be used to secure and bundle small, low weight boxes and packages. It is compatible with all strapping machines too, so there’s no need to change your machine to make the switch.

Steel strapping

Steel strapping is designed for securing very heavy, bulky consignments. It is especially useful for strapping pallet loads with sharp or angled edges. Steel strapping’s high tensile strength, up to 840 kg, and low elongation makes it the preferred choice for construction use, and it’s recyclable too.

What’s the right strapping for my business?

Finding the right strapping for your products and business can be a daunting task, but the best place to start is by considering the kinds of items you want to secure. Using strapping wisely in your business is a worthwhile investment that can help save you both time and money. With the right strapping system in place, you can fasten together anything from standard size cartons to large export boxes and pallets, so that it is considered one parcel. That means you can reduce your shipping costs when you’re sending packages to a single destination.

We also stock all the tools, strapping dispensers and accessories so you can work with any kind of strapping quickly and easily. Check out our blog guide to choosing the right strapping for more information, or speak to one of our packaging specialists on 0800 542 44 28 for expert advice.

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