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Strapping machines and equipment

Let our high quality strapping machines do the hard work for you

When you need to quickly secure boxes and pallets, our auto strapping machines are the ideal choice. Electrically powered, our range of strapping equipment is designed to simplify your packaging process, saving you time and stress during peak periods. If you have a busy production line in your workplace, using an industrial strapping machine can ensure your products are tightly secured. So rather than using strapping tools to manually join one parcel to another, you can do everything in one smooth motion with our state of the art machines. That includes tensioning, cutting, and sealing.

The strength of our machinery lies in its versatility. You don’t need a specific pallet strapping machine or a plastic strapping machine – our equipment can handle almost any type of load. The main variable you would need to take into consideration is what strapping material you would need to use. For more information on what material to use, check out our blog for extra information.

What type of strapping machine should I use?

As with almost every decision you make regarding your business, your product needs to be at the centre. A warehouse dealing in high volumes would need a different machine to those who are rarely packaging products. Establishing an efficient pallet strapping process can be key to ensuring customer demands are met, and that your workplace stays tidy and organised.

Using an automatic strapping machine is ideal for large scale production. Once they’ve been properly set up, all you need to do is place your parcel or box on the dedicated space, press a button, and you’re done in seconds. As stated above, this includes the tensioning and cutting, so you can simply lift your parcel and set up the next in line.

If you’re looking to strap your products quickly but need a more economical solution for your business. Then a semi automatic box strapping machine is a viable alternative. Requiring slightly more user interaction than the automatic options, it still boosts strapping efficiency. The main difference is that once the box or parcel has been placed on the equipment the operator simply has to feed through the strapping and engage the machine. Once completed, the semi auto strapping machine effectively functions the same as the auto machine.

For low volume production lines, or if you want some more control over your strapping, our manual pallet strapping machine can help. Able to move vertically as well as horizontally, these lightweight machines are easy to handle. All you need to do is manually wrap the strapping around the item, then use the machine to tighten. Although it is ‘manual’, the extra control over your packaging abilities can offer security for your products while they sit in storage or when they’re on the move.

You can count on us!

Do you need more information or advice on what would work best for your business? Then why not contact our packaging experts for specialist insight into how you should equip your workplace. Able to strap all shapes and sizes, we can help you find something to suit your needs. If you’re looking to fully stock your warehouse with product packaging, why not also look at our high-quality cardboard boxes to ensure your items are secured.

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