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  • Opti-seal industrial heat sealers
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Opti-seal industrial heat sealers

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  • Industrial heat sealer for PE, PP, PA and PVC
  • Adjustable sealing times and cooling times
  • Integrated safety cutting knife
  • For medium to large volume use
  • Sold per sealer
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Detailed description

For long production runs

Opti-seal industrial heat sealers offer a simple but versatile operation with adjustable sealing and cooling times. The compact design of these machines means they can be conveniently positioned within reach of a workstation, or they can be mounted on an optional stand which includes a foot pedal for hands free operation and a film holder.

Opti-seal industrial heat sealers are impulse sealers which means the heat is applied via the element wire for only a few seconds to seal the material together. The Opti-seal has a wide range of applications. It can seal a range of films including polythene, polypropylene and PVC with a durable 5mm seal, making this bag sealer the perfect choice for producing and sealing bags, sacks and pouches. Features a safety trimming cutter.

Suitable for medium to large volume use, can be used up to 800 times on average on an eight hour shift. Both heating times and cooling times can be set depending on the requirements of each film being sealed.

Can seal polythene from 20 micron (total 40 micron for two layers) up to 250 micron (total 500 for two layers). Can seal PP from 20 micron (40 total) up to 200 micron (400 total). Can seal PVC from 20 micron (40 total) up to 100 micron (200 total). Can seal polythene gusseted bags from 20 micron (40 total) up to 125 micron (250 total). Can seal some laminated films such as our metallised shielding bags.

Order now online or call us on 0800 542 44 28 for heat sealing and packaging advice.

Sold per sealer.

Please note, for reference S620 please allow 2-3 days for delivery.


Our product advice

Product informationThe main body is produced from a 1 piece aluminium extrusion for ultimate strength. The heat sealer operates on an electromagnet switch rather than a mechanical switch for increased reliability.

Extra Products - Opti-seal heat sealer accessories and spares include stand with foot pedal and working table with bag holder and film roll holding unit, element wire and upper and lower Teflon.

Installation and Training: Receive expert training and installation. Highly recommended to ensure correct installation along with guidance on how to correctly use your new machine. For more information and to book your session, contact our experts on 0800 542 44 28.

Warranty: All machines have a 12 month “return to base” warranty, which includes a 3 day grace period. This warranty excludes the element wire, Teflon strip and cutting blade consumables. Contact our experts to upgrade to a 12 month “on site” parts and labour warranty.

3 Day Grace Period: Upon receipt of goods, we recommend customers check the machines for any faults or damages – if found, contact RAJA to organise an immediate return and collection of the faulty machine.

Return to base: If an issue is spotted after the 3 day grace period, customers must return the faulty machine to our service centre, where it will be fixed and returned within 5-7 working days.