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  • 62 Micron 30% Recycled Layflat Tubing - 1
  • 62 Micron 30% Recycled Layflat Tubing - 2
62 Micron 30% Recycled Layflat Tubing - 1
62 Micron 30% Recycled Layflat Tubing - 2

62 Micron 30% Recycled Layflat Tubing

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  • Protection, storage and bagging, all in one!
  • Creates polythene bags from 76 - 914 mm wide
  • Bags up to 600mm wide can be used with the RAJA range of heat sealers
  • Sold in 168m & 336m rolls, priced per roll
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Detailed description

62 micron polythene tubing

Create polythene bags to suit your own product requirements. Layflat tubing can also be used for protection against water and dust for products in storage or transit. Layflat tubing up to 600 mm wide can be used with our range of heat sealers- simply insert your product into the polythene tubing, cut to the required length and heat seal one or both ends. Alternatively you can seal the ends with tape or bag ties.

Manufactured from 62 micron 30% recycled polythene. For easy dispensing use the robust and practical layflat tubing dispenser, ref: DEROULUK.

Order now online or call us on 0800 542 44 28 for bag and packaging advice.

Sold and priced per roll.

QuantityAvailable to buy by the roll. Save on packaging costs with our large order discounts when you buy 4 or more rolls.

Size and shape options Roll size widths range from 76mm up to 914mm for larger items. There are two lengths available, 336m, and for the two widest options, 168m.

Materials These layflat tubing rolls are manufactured from 30% recycled, 62 micron, low density polythene.

Delivery information. Delivered protected by a polythene bag.