Silica gel sachets

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  • The sachets will absorb 22-24% of their weight
  • Remain dry and free-flowing when saturated
  • Use 5g of silica gel per cubic ft
  • 8 different sizes of silica gel bags to choose from
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1309810030100 77.99 70.19 66.29
2001052508050 77.90 70.10 66.20
23015050016050 88.60 79.70 75.30
Detailed description

Prevent corrosion damage to delicate or valuable items

Silica gel packets offer superior moisture protection and are ideal for all products, particularly cameras, optical equipment, electronic components and pharmaceutical applications. They are also commonly used for reducing the chances of moisture damage to handbags and shoes. Suitable for long distance transportation by land, sea and air they will work in high humidity or temperatures up to 105ºC.

Easy to use and very efficient; when placed in boxes, crates or containers the sachets will absorb 22-24% of their weight, but still remain dry and free-flowing when saturated. The recommended amount of silica gel to use is 5g per cubic ft. Rajapack offer 8 different sizes of silica gel bags.

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Sold and priced per pack.

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