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Detailed description

Lightweight and cost-effective product protection

Use our recycled bubble wrap bags to provide products protection while they are on the move or sitting in storage. Designed with a flush top lip, you can quickly seal bubble packaging bags with a heat sealer or tape. Semi-transparent, the clear bubble wrap bags also allow for quick content identification. This helps to reduce picking times in a busy warehouse, which also helps to maximise workplace efficiency.

Wondering how to use bubble bags? When using bubble bags you only need to slide products inside before sealing. Once you’re confident the air bubble bag is secure, place it inside your cardboard box or mailing bag so it is ready to store or ship. Pre-cut into various sizes, you do not need to trim any further which minimises wastage. This will also reduce packaging time to help you manage customer expectations. Our bubble wrap bags feature a smooth interior to ensure your products won’t suffer unnecessary scratches and scuffs.

Manufactured from 30% recycled materials, these bubble shipping bags feature air retention technology that minimise the loss of air when in use. As a result, the bubble cells provide prolonged protection for your products. This will help prevent damage when you use bubble wrap bags for mugs, plates, or other similar, delicate items.



Our product advice

Weights and limits: The strength of a bubble bag is measured in microns. These impact-resistant bubble bags are 40 microns in thickness. Each bubble has a diameter of 9.5mm and a height of 4.2mm.

Materials: Each bubble bag is made with a minimum 30% recycled content.

Environmental Information: Our bubble bags are recyclable. However, be advised they may not be suitable for general recycling. You, or your customers, should check with local authorities for information and guidelines on how to recycle bubble wrap and bubble bags.