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Protect products and do your bit for the environment with our eco-friendly packaging

With our range of eco-friendly bubble wrap, paper and loose fill, you can protect your products – and the environment too. So if you’re looking for ways to go green and fulfil your corporate social responsibilities, this could be the perfect solution. Our in-house experts can help you make the switch to eco-friendly packaging, and you can do it as soon as tomorrow, with next day delivery on everything in the collection. You can choose from a range of green protective packaging, including biodegradable bubble wrap, recycled paper rolls and eco-friendly loosefill. They offer the same high quality protection as our standard products, but with the added benefit of helping the environment – so you can do your bit, without lowering your high quality standards.


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Recycled Kraft paper rolls
4 references

From £22.90 ex. VAT
White tissue paper
6 references

From £4.70 ex. VAT
Filla gap paper on a roll
2 references

From £16.65 ex. VAT
70 gsm Kraft paper
3 references

From £26.95 ex. VAT
Corrugated cardboard rolls
8 references

From £11.10 ex. VAT
90gsm Kraft paper rolls
5 references

From £26.70 ex. VAT
Kraft paper sheets
2 references

From £44.20 ex. VAT