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Instapak® Simple™


  • This product is made to order.
    • Produce foam filled bags on-demand
    • Minimum training required, just plug and play
    • Space saving compact, mobile platform
    • Eliminates excessive packaging
    • 3 months free rental (T’s & C’s apply)
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Detailed description

Foam-in-bag packaging system

The Instapak® Simple™ foam-in-the-bag packaging system merges the performance of Instapak® foam packaging with an on-demand delivery system that needs minimal training and service.

The Instapak® Simple™ system utilises new foam mixing technology that eliminates pumps and heating elements that larger volume systems require. Foam components are delivered in practical containers, reducing the need to buy and store foam components in bulk.

Suitable for packing a vast array of products the just-in-time foam is expanded on site ensuring the right amount of material is used every time. The superior cushioning abilities provide maximum protection with the minimum amount of material.

Ideal for low volume operations producing less than 20 packs a day the Instapak® Simple™ delivers foam filled bags without the need for manual mixing or bag loading and the system can easily be moved to any packaging location.

For use with Instapak Simple component liquids and film.

The system is operated by a pre-set push button operation powered through a standard electrical outlet.

System specification: length 380mm, depth: 680mm, height: 860mm, weight: 58kg.

3 months free rental (T’s & C’s apply.) Please call for more details on 0800 142 26 46

This product is made to order and delivered to you directly from our supplier. Call us today to arrange your delivery date.