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Available to rent
  • High speed and cost effective void fill
  • Integrates in to any packing environment
  • Fan-folded paper output 1.4M per second
  • Easily configured for floor or table use
  • Available to rent from £15 per month
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FillPak®TT and FillPak®TT Cutter Paper
Up to -30%
FillPak®TT and FillPak®TT Cutter Paper
From £ 17.99 ex. VAT
FillPak® M paper
Up to -15%
FillPak® M paper
From £ 47.20 ex. VAT
FillPak® M paper void kit
FillPak® M paper void kit
From £ 150.12 ex. VAT
FillPak® M
FillPak® M
From £ 66.70 ex. VAT
FillPak®SL paper
Up to -10%
FillPak®SL paper
From £ 29.99 ex. VAT
PadPak® Compact paper
Up to -15%
PadPak® Compact paper
From £ 45.80 ex. VAT
PadPak® LC2 Paper
Up to -8%
PadPak® LC2 Paper
From £ 76.70 ex. VAT
PadPak® Junior paper
Up to -15%
PadPak® Junior paper
From £ 93.57 ex. VAT
Detailed description

The fast and compact solution

Height adjustable and equipped with a pivot to facilitate loading, the TT packaging machine is ideal for those who require bigger quantities of void-fill at speed. Simply turn the machine on and it will reform the fan-fold paper at a rate of 1.4M per second. One pallet of paper creates 72M3 of material. Paper gets dispensed directly at the operator, improving the efficiency of the packing process and optimising the speed of working. Automatic foot control allows both hands to remain free. Can be free-standing or fixed to a table or work bench.

For paper consumables see references PADPFILLTTand PADPFILLTT70.

This machine is available to rent from £15.00 per month. T&Cs and minimum paper pack order quantities apply. Call our packaging machine specialist on 0800 142 26 46 to find out how we can help speed up your packaging operations.

Requires 100-240 volt power supply.

Machine dimensions (table stand): L400 x H 1250-1500 x D 390mm.

Weight 24.5 kg

Machine dimensions (floor stand): L1080 x H 1880-2130 x D 1080mm.

Weight 30 kg
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