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Detailed description

A 100% sustainable packaging alternative to plastic

Wrap and protect products at point of sale quickly using the Ranpak® Geami Wrap’n Go™ wrapping paper rolls. A cost-effective and eco friendly packaging solution, these recyclable wrapping paper rolls are ideal for securely protecting products. Use the brown wrapping paper alongside the white interleaf tissue paper to help protect your valuable products from scratches. Ideal for keeping ceramic items such as vases protected while your customer takes them home.

The 3D honeycomb structure of the die-cut paper provides a unique packaging experience for your customers. The brown wrapping paper rolls stretch around products, with the angled cells locking together to wrap quickly. A handy eco packaging solution for most retail environments, the paper does not need any extra tape or glue to stay in place. Designed for manual tearing, you will only need the Ranpak® Geami Wrap’n Go™ converter to ensure the paper is stretched effectively.

The Kraft paper rolls are 100% recyclable and biodegradable. A sustainable alternative to packaging products such as plastic air bubble, Geami® is considerably greener throughout the complete lifecycle. This FSC®-certified product is sourced responsibly, minimising the impact to the environment and the planet.



Our product advice

Use in conjunction with the Ranpak® Geami Wrap’n Go™ Wrapping Paper Converter.

For best results, order and use the die-cut paper and the interleaf tissue paper together.