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  • AEOLOS® Blue Ocean Recycled Machine Air Cushion Film Rolls
AEOLOS® Blue Ocean Recycled Machine Air Cushion Film Rolls - 1

AEOLOS® Blue Ocean Recycled Machine Air Cushion Film Rolls

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  • Protect and cushion your products
  • Lightweight to minimise shipping costs
  • Made from 100% recycled materials
  • Fully recyclable
  • Please note, due to recycled content, colour may vary from that shown
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Detailed description

Economical and recyclable product protection

Manufactured from 100% recycled materials, AEOLOS® Blue Ocean air cushion packaging is the perfect choice to protect products while they are on the move. Air cushion void fill film rolls help minimise shipping costs as you use less to protect products. Once inflated, you can easily fill the void around your products to help reduce shocks from the rigours of transit. The air cushion film rolls are also perforated, which can speed up the packaging process in any workplace.

Lightweight and economical, air cushion rolls are the perfect alternative to standard loose-fill. Supplied on compact rolls, they take up minimal floor space.

Made with fully recyclable low-density polythene, you and your customers can easily recycle the air pillow cushions when needed.



Our product advice

The AEOLOS® Blue Ocean machine air cushion film rolls are suitable with the Mistral 3 void fill machine. For more information, call our sales team on 0800 146 26 46.