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Protect products with perforated air cushions

Keep products safe while they are on the move using the AirWave® machine air cushion film rolls. This lightweight air cushion packaging option is perfect for keeping postal costs low: ideal for any business who send high-volumes of packages to customers. An excellent alternative to loose-fill packaging, air pillow cushions use less space while sitting in storage as they are wound on compact rolls. Perforated and easy to tear, the air cushion film rolls help you minimise wasted packaging materials while speeding up packaging times. Protective and shockproof, you can rest assured your products will reach your customers safely.

Manufactured from 50% recycled materials, the AirWave® air cushion void fill option is ideal for any business who are looking to reduce their impact on the environment. Our single cushion rolls are excellent for lining the inside of standard size boxes while effectively shielding products. If you are wrapping larger items, or require a more robust packaging solution the larger 4 or 8 chamber quilts are an ideal choice.

Use with the RAJA AirWave 1 Void Fill Pillow System and the RAJA Airwave 2 Void Fill Pillow System.