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The environmental alternative to plastic pillows

AirWave household-biodegradable air pillow films are made from peelings and other waste by-products of the potato processing industry. These biocompostable films rapidly disintegrate in domestic and commercial composting environments with no negative effects on compost quality. Complies with EN 14332.

Each pillow measures 210mm x 100mm and the roll is 500M long and performs just like the polythene AirWave pillows. For use with Airwave void fill systems 1and Airwave 2.

The AirWave Void Fill Pillow System is a quick, quiet, modular and cost-efficient next generation air pillow void fill system. Dispensing both cushions and quilts from the same machine the ergonomic AirWave can supply void fill for up to four workstations. With a single key programming and operating system the powerful performance of the AirWave can produce 8-10 metres of film per minute. Can be easily integrated to an existing packing station.

Sold and priced per roll.