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  • Fill-Air® Rocket™ machine - 1
  • Fill-Air® Rocket™ machine - 3
  • Fill-Air® Rocket™ machine - 4
Fill-Air® Rocket™ machine - 1
Fill-Air® Rocket™ machine - 3
Fill-Air® Rocket™ machine - 4

Fill-Air® Rocket™ machine

Available to rent

  • Produces 30M of inflatable void fill cushions per minute
  • Compact footprint for table top placement
  • Simple push button operation
  • Quiet mode reduces operational noise
  • Available to rent from £55 per month
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Detailed description

Fast void fill for high volume packaging

The Fill-Air Rocket machine produces 30 metres of inflatable void fill cushions per minute, fast enough to keep up with the most demanding packaging operations. From a simple push button operation the Rocket machine creates bags instantaneously, operating at maximum capacity from the moment it is switched on.

It also features an auto bin full sensor which allows the machine to create enough cushions to fill a dedicated storage bin and replenish the bin every time cushions are removed and used. This feature is perfect for use serving multiple workstations ensuring there are enough cushions ready for peak demand.

Choose from EFFICIENCY or EXTREME film rolls.

The Fill-Air Rocket has a compact footprint that makes it ideal for table top placement.

This machine is available for rental from £55 per month (T’s & C’s and minimum roll order quantities apply). Call 0800 142 26 46.

Size and shape optionsMachine dimensions without roll: Length: 349 mm. Width: 343 mm. Height: 323 mm. Power supply: 220/240 volts.

Weights and limitsWeight (without roll) 11 kg.

Environmental informationThe superior sealing technology and material strength of Fill-Air packaging makes it highly reuseable. If material must be disposed, the packaging loses 99.3% of it's volume when deflated.Comes with free installation and training.